BT has highjacked my browsers

  bovthedog 20:47 03 Aug 2013

I'm running WinXP with browsers IE and Firefox. Have recently joined BT broadband and already regretting it. Was on the BT website trying to resolve technical issue but failed as Chatline was out of action and phone queue was 30 mins. When I closed BT and opened my browsers the BT website comes up and I can't get rid of it. When I enter another website address back comes BT. I have cleared history and reset my PC. Any tips on how I can resolve?

  AroundAgain 21:44 03 Aug 2013

Have you checked to see what webpage is set to show on opening your browsers? I had a similar 'take over' recently, although not to do with BT. I found something had triggered setting a different home page.

Easy enough to exclude that as the reason.

  bovthedog 22:23 03 Aug 2013

OK after a 45 minute wait I finally got connected to BT Help and after another 15 minutes found that I had inadvertently connected via BT WiFi and not my Hub. Quite why I couldn't use my browser wasn't explained but by that time I'd almost lost the will to live so didn't press it.

  Jollyjohn 08:27 04 Aug 2013

BT WiFi is delivered by your hub and it is a sign in service. This is why you were directed to the BT page.

On your PC when trying to connect, wirelessly, you accidentally picked wifi and not the hub name. Did BT sort this?

  bovthedog 22:38 04 Aug 2013

Thanks Jj. Yes see my last post

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