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BT fon search Hijack?

  Ex plorer 23:21 01 Mar 2014

Hi the other evening I accessed FF and typed in Google search and a BT fon page popped up. (Not what I was searching for)

I used a second Google search bar in FF to start surfing the internet again BT fon page Popped up.

I then tried McAfee safe search in FF and again BT fon appeared.

Not giving up I tried IE and Google Chrome with the same results.

On every page it asked for my email address and password. It was all about hot spots etc or buying time.

I ran a virus check and all was well. I treated it as some kind of hack at the time and gave no information away.

so I went back to an earlier setting when the PC was OK.

Any body else had this, I looked BT fon up and it really doesn't look as if its a virus.

But this particular BT Fon had hi jacked my PC search bars.

OS Win7.

  recap 23:32 01 Mar 2014

Can't say I have ex plorer. Have you tried hijack this? It's a free download from click here

  Ex plorer 11:47 02 Mar 2014

Thanks for the reply's,

Beta, recap, how it came about, I had switched the PC on in the morning used MS Office, and surfed for about an hour.

Next I went to MS S Essentials and left it to do a full scan as this takes an hour or so.

On waking up the PC later there was no MS S E window to see if there had been a problem or not, and the PC had gone back to the log-in page.

I left the PC in that manner till latter and that was when BT fon gave me the problems.

Is it possible to have a Hot Spot, I live out in the country twenty five miles from any major town.

Its the fist I had ever heard of BT fon and it's a Home Desk Top PC.

So not a Virus or a Hack just one of those things I may have clicked on or a PC Glitch.

  Belatucadrus 13:11 02 Mar 2014

Assuming that you're using BT broadband, you are the Fon hotspot, here's the BT bumph on it Click Here. You can opt out if you wish but it's highly unlikely that anybody else can access it and if you're not on unlimited it gets you internet access that doesn't count on your data allowance.

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