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BT fon search Hijack?

  Ex plorer 23:21 01 Mar 2014

Hi the other evening I accessed FF and typed in Google search and a BT fon page popped up. (Not what I was searching for)

I used a second Google search bar in FF to start surfing the internet again BT fon page Popped up.

I then tried McAfee safe search in FF and again BT fon appeared.

Not giving up I tried IE and Google Chrome with the same results.

On every page it asked for my email address and password. It was all about hot spots etc or buying time.

I ran a virus check and all was well. I treated it as some kind of hack at the time and gave no information away.

so I went back to an earlier setting when the PC was OK.

Any body else had this, I looked BT fon up and it really doesn't look as if its a virus.

But this particular BT Fon had hi jacked my PC search bars.

OS Win7.

  recap 23:32 01 Mar 2014

Can't say I have ex plorer. Have you tried hijack this? It's a free download from click here

  Ex plorer 11:47 02 Mar 2014

Thanks for the reply's,

Beta, recap, how it came about, I had switched the PC on in the morning used MS Office, and surfed for about an hour.

Next I went to MS S Essentials and left it to do a full scan as this takes an hour or so.

On waking up the PC later there was no MS S E window to see if there had been a problem or not, and the PC had gone back to the log-in page.

I left the PC in that manner till latter and that was when BT fon gave me the problems.

Is it possible to have a Hot Spot, I live out in the country twenty five miles from any major town.

Its the fist I had ever heard of BT fon and it's a Home Desk Top PC.

So not a Virus or a Hack just one of those things I may have clicked on or a PC Glitch.

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