bt emails

  wizzboy 13:07 15 Sep 2014

as you all might know bt is no longer called bt yahoo, this morning I went to log on to my emails and it now comes under bt mail, I was unable to log on, so I phoned them up and they say it will take at least 24 hours before any one can read emails. its areal nightmare and poor show on their part

  Jollyjohn 13:09 15 Sep 2014

Can you log in to webmail and read them there? Go to BT page and there is a button top right that is a link to email.

  tullie 14:23 15 Sep 2014

Hardly a nightmare!

  alanrwood 16:23 15 Sep 2014

Sorry Tullie but it could easily be a nightmare if time sensitive info is in the emails. In any case a 24 hour delay in being able to read your emails is not fit for purpose.

  andrew mcelvenney 08:53 16 Sep 2014

BTMail is a nightmare all round which is why i moved lock stock & barrel to Gmail which is far better.

  SparkyJack 11:41 16 Sep 2014

Have you tried logging onto Yahoo itself?

Try this

Browse to '

On the home page left side scroll to mail.

On the right on this page is the familiar ,ogon to mail panel. Log on per normal. Your mail should come up.

This is web mail, far safer than an email client, nothing actually downloads to the computer unless you want it to,via the usual file/save page as commend.

It is also a wise practice to have alternative accounts on other sites

  SparkyJack 09:11 19 Sep 2014


Have you tried to log into Yahoo mail?

  stclares 12:16 19 Sep 2014


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