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BT Email receiving emails OK but not sending

  collinsc 16:35 27 Mar 2020

Hi All

Would really appreciate some help for an issue my Dad is facing. Normally i'd be over there looking to find a fix as he is not too savvy.

He says he is receiving emails OK but they are not always sending. He first had the error on 25/03 and then it cleared (after i told him to try a restart!) and he was able to send mails. But today he has said he has the same issue. I am including below the response he received first time round from "SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR" (so he says). NB: I am the intended recipient "Chris X" "Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

   Subject:     RE: MOT

  Sent:  25/03/2020 10:55

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

  'Chris X' on 25/03/2020 10:55

        550 spam, or phishing or malware.  Please check or edit your message and try sending it again. (6-1-3-2) ID (5E3A16DE0792B914)


Advice really appreciated so i can text him how to resolve.

Thank you!

  Jollyjohn 16:15 30 Mar 2020

Get onto Teamviewer and do it on his PC. Do try the "My server needs authorisation" trick

  collinsc 17:05 30 Mar 2020

thanks Jolly. i dont want to sound like a skinflint, but times are not easy at the moment and i understand it is £31.90 a month? so im trying to try free options before reverting to that

  x13 17:22 30 Mar 2020
  collinsc 17:45 30 Mar 2020

oh right, great, thanks very much!

  Secret-Squirrel 08:20 31 Mar 2020

he has confirmed he has NOT received any undelivered messages that he did not send himself.

Thanks for confirming that.

It's still a mystery why BT thinks your dad's a spammer. Getting a new IP address may help so ask your dad to turn his router off for 30 minutes (or longer if possible). When he turns it back on he'll be assigned a different Internet address and that may fix things.

Note that disabling "My server requires authentication" can only help if your dad's ISP is BT. If he's with a different broadband provider then it'll make things worse and he'll end up with two sending problems.

  collinsc 16:16 31 Mar 2020

Thanks Secret- squirrell

I will advise him to switch off router for a period of time.

noted on the "My server requires authentication" - His ISP IS BT

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