BT email problem...

  Hypnos 07:29 22 Mar 2004
Locked anyone out there having trouble with BT emails, when sending them to another BT account, my sent box say they are gone, but they do not turn up to where they are sent..if i send an email to my account with lycos or angelfire they get there...anyone any idea why? i will go through the basics before i ask someone who is with BT to allow me to send a test email..yes, i know it's a cheek, but the two bt accounts i am trying to send to, are my son and my daughter, and nothing ever gets there... thanks

  Bagsey 08:39 22 Mar 2004

Are they being returned as not diliverable ? or are they just dissapearing into the wide blue yonder??

  Hypnos 08:52 22 Mar 2004

hi, they just go off into pc tells me they have been sent, but neither son or daughter get them, i have sent myself a few test emails to a lycos account and they turn up......

  only me 09:56 22 Mar 2004

Hi hypnos
could it be something that happened to me. I started to receive messages from a few people i had never heard of, till i opened one in error, and found out my server had given a email to another guy with same name, i didn't open the previous mails because of viruses, but got it sorted in the end. Ask your son&daughter if they have friends with bt server and do they receive emails from them.Don

  Hypnos 12:22 22 Mar 2004

hi, the pair of them only get mail from me,or did, i am beginning to think it might be something to do with BT/YAHOO ..i do not have the yahoo bit, anyone else running their email with just BT and no yahoo


  Bagsey 13:54 22 Mar 2004

Do you get mail from them OK ??

  Sethhaniel 13:57 22 Mar 2004

on your address??

  Hypnos 18:34 22 Mar 2004

1..they have not sent any, it is a sort of one way thingy.. but i will ring them in a minute and get them to try..

2...i dont think so, it was ok up till a couple of weeks ago...

  citadel 18:50 22 Mar 2004

I was auto upgaded to btyahoo a few months ago, I thought everyone had been aswell. There was a e-mail warning about it. Now if I go to btopenworld and try to use e-mail I am auto redirected to where I log in and have a front page that contains my e-mail account.

  Hypnos 19:46 22 Mar 2004

hi. i have now put the yahoo bit on the end of the BT it is silly question time, do you change @btopenworld . com to btyahoo . com


  brambles 21:18 22 Mar 2004

Go to click here

Go to the top left hand corner & Sign in.

Look for the latest dialler for BTAnytime & download you'll have BTYahoo dialler installed on your computer/.


Phone BT and ask for theie latest CD

Click on BTAnytime - existing customer & download the BTYahoo settings.

When you sign in on your anytime page it will say Welcome -yourname- click on email tab again top left hand corner & look at any email you haven't downloaded yet.

Sign out completely - then open click here again & let your children sign in & see if there missing email is in the web mail.

Hope this helps


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