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  AlanHasson 11:31 24 May 2014

As you'll know BT have ditched Yahoo. However I'm now two days into trying to get help from BT to fix my system: HELP! I have a non-BT email address I've always accessed through BT Yahoo. The BT "Help" desk says this is no longer possible. I know that e-mails have been sent to this address, but I can't access them. A shortened form of the email address appears on the left of the screen, when I click it, I simply get an error message. I've tried to set up a new Yahoo account, but to verify and shift over my content, I've got to send an email from the current site. Well, I can't do this as I'm locked out. I use this address for some of my work, I'm losing customers and BT's attitude is very much: "this is our new system, tough shit."

  Jollyjohn 11:58 24 May 2014

Quick fix. Set up a Hotmail account. Log in and there is a message about receiving mail from other accounts and about using mail forwarding to receive the other account e-mails. Follow the steps and let me know if it works.

I am going out for a couple of hours but will look when I get back.

Do you currently log in to bt yahoo to get your e-mails or do you use an e-mail program such as Live Mails or Thunderbird?

  lotvic 12:09 24 May 2014

I presume BT is your ISP? In what way does yours differ from how BT is handling the change? as per on this BT page ClickHere

can you tell us the part after the @ of the email address you have problem with? as it states "You can carry on using your BT Yahoo Email address (, or just like you do today"

Please give us as much detail and background info as you can.

  Jollyjohn 16:47 24 May 2014

I have just set up e-mail account using live mail on W7 and then added a non bt account and it worked OK both send and receive.

Come back with more details and I am sure we can help.

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