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  muffin1947 18:46 29 Jul 2008

For some reason I am having trouble logging into my BT email account.When I enter my email address and then enter my password it just seems to take ages to get into my account.My internet connection seems fine as I can get straight into any number of web sites almost straight away.I also have a gmail account and I have no trouble logging into that it is just my BT account which is the problem.Anyone have any ideas.

  abbott8 19:30 29 Jul 2008

if you use the likes of outlook express, go to tools, account settings and try setting up incomming and outgoing server as

  MsTechie 19:57 29 Jul 2008

Has it been working properly in the past or is it a new account?
If it usually works ok then it is a good idea to check broadband/email status, all good ISP's have them on their portal click here

  muffin1947 20:55 29 Jul 2008

Not sure if this is connected but my wife has been looking for some walking clubs and she found a site that looked interesting but when she clicked on it the progress bar only moves about 4 segments and no further and this what happens when we both try to log onto our BT email account.I can log onto any other web site with no problem and also my other email account with google.Tried rebooting without any luck.Would a system restore do any good perhaps go back about four days as this is quite a new problem.

  FRANKMAC 01:57 30 Jul 2008

I had a similar problem a while ago, although i do use Outlook. This may help

click here

  Simsy 03:05 30 Jul 2008

it is often the case that emptying the temp internet files can have a cleansing effect and sort browser problems such as this.

Good luck,



  muffin1947 23:07 30 Jul 2008

Hi Simsy,
I think I may have asked this question before but how do I empty the temp internet files and where do I find them.

  Graham. 23:42 30 Jul 2008

In IE: Tools, Delete Browsing History.

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