bt click USB modem (BB) & explorer

  spanneress 09:32 18 Aug 2004

Quite an urgent one..just off to a customer running 98, explorer 5.5... have worked on his PC and cleaned it, de-virused it blah blah..however I am due out in a minute as although he has connected his modem (Intel Anypoint DSL 3240) and connected via BTclick service, his outlook and explorer cannot connect. This is not because of anything I have done as this has been the state of play since changing from dial up to BB. I cannot see what the problem is..even though it has to perform a dial up action (despite being on BB) to access the net, nothing happens. I have tried a repair and the PC is clean. Ping is not showing a result either but the he has been on phone to BT CS for hours and they maintain it s the PC!

Any clues? This is not the first time customers using this modem have experienced problems..any help anyone? I am poised, spanner in hand, crash helmet in the other ready to go and fix!!!!

  Smegs 10:43 18 Aug 2004

click here Will this help you??

  spanneress 10:54 18 Aug 2004

Thanks smegs...but that part is ok!! It is set up and appears to have a connection..but that connection just cannot be accessed by OE or explorer! The icon in quick launch is on and shows a good data rate conenction...

Customer is a stress-pot so I am going in on Friday morning now before he gets to work to sort it. I have a feeling it is Windows causing the problems.

He just told me that when he originally set it up it worked ok..normal BB behaviour..he had no AV or firewall so the inevitable happened..then when he clicked onto explorer he had to 'dial out' to access his BB connection which was active, then eventually no acces at all (that was pre-cleaning it and installing protection)..

So state of play is that the modem works, the connection is live, ping not showing anything despite windows saying connection active and explorer and outlook don't think windows has an active connection to the web..


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