BT broadband(Yahoo) problems using Outlook Express

  CTIPPO 09:37 04 Dec 2003

I have BT Yahoo Broadband and have recently encountered a problem whre I cannot access Outlook Express.
I know the Yahoo home page has an e-mail access but I like to use Outlook for e-mailing.
The problem is that Outlook appears to be trying to comnect to the server but a message appears saying your server has not responded.
As far as I can remember I have not altered any settings.
Can someone out there please help.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:06 04 Dec 2003

Do you have the correct pop3 server settings? i.e. username and password?

  [DELETED] 10:07 04 Dec 2003

You say Outlook appears to be trying to connect. Have you checked to see if Outlook Express is your default email prog?

If you're using XP you can do this by clicking on Start / Control Panel / Add Remove Software. Then click on the Program Access and Defaults option in the lower left of the pop-up window.

If you need to change it from Outlook to Outlook Express you can do it under the Custom option

  [DELETED] 10:13 04 Dec 2003

I have had difficulties with BT mail this last few days, timing out, requesting the password, I think they have problems.

  [DELETED] 11:21 04 Dec 2003

I have had a problems with BT mail for a few days now. They must be having a bad day. They keep asking for my password with monotenous regularity even though it is supposed to be stored.????

  [DELETED] 11:27 04 Dec 2003

With BT there system is case sensitive. Make sure as stated above that your pop3 address is and smpt address is you account name is the initial part of your email before the at sign and as said make sure your password is typed in correctly either upper or lower case.

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