BT Broadband Voyager 2500 + Sky

  [DELETED] 20:57 15 Jun 2006

I upgraded to 8Meg last week and have had problems ever since.
My connection keeps geting lost and supplied router as above has to be rebooted every time.Sometimes that wont work on its own and I have to reboot pc as well
Ive got all the lines to other phones in the house in the house protected by microfilters but BT seem to think the problem may be because theres a sky phone socket on the line - even though this goes through the filter in another room.
They have told me to disconnect the sky phone line and wait and see - but Im not allowed to do that under Sky contract so I dont want to do that for long

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Any clues welcomed


  [DELETED] 10:34 19 Jul 2006

I also have the same problem and was told the same thing.

I am in the process of looking at the BSkyB broadband package as an alternative though.

I also only seem to be able to connect to the Voyager 2500 when in direct line of sight to it, which kinda defeats the object of wireless

  [DELETED] 19:38 19 Jul 2006

When you say Sky phone socket, I assume you mean your Sky Digital Box. Your Sky has only to be connected for the first year and after that you can unplug it, I've had my Sky for years and only had it connected for the first 12 months as the Sky contract requires. Sky have never been in touch, I connect the box every 12 month or so to get software updates then unplug it again for another 12 months. Sky boxes caused problems with my internet connection, I had no second thoughts about unpluging it.

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