BT Broadband upgrade

  rossol 10:21 26 Apr 2005

this is just to help other user of bt broadband 1 was on paying for the full 2 mg upgrade and only receiving 576 kbps and when enquired i was told it could take till june because it would take time to do everbody but i re ordered no extra money and will be done with in 5 days

  Giantsquid 10:35 26 Apr 2005

I was also waiting for the upgrade and still paying 24:99, phoned them yesterday and I will be on the new 2MB on Monday !


  Noelg23 10:38 26 Apr 2005

just remember this...when ISP offer free upgrades its gonna take some customers a little longer to receive these speeds...there are a number of reasons why..but the main ones are the distance you are from the exchange, how many other people in your area are getting the free upgrade. so with all this to think about it will take a while for certain customer to get the free upgrade...but give it time you will get the free upgrade...

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