B.T. Broadband Talk information.

  23790954 21:45 13 Jul 2007

Many thanks to those of you who replied to my recent posting about the efficiency of B.T. broadband. Having read your posts and discussed it with some people who use B.T. broadband, I have decided to give it a try.
However I am undecided what package to go for, and I need some further information. I do like the look of the broadband talk package, where you get the hub and telephone, to make calls through your computer, but just how good is it.
Could any of you kind folk who replied to my last posting, tell me if these telephones are efficient in use, clarity, and are there any times when you have been unable to dial a number in the U.K. because the number was not recognised. Also have you ever had any problems with someone calling you on the 05 number.
any thanks to all who take the time to reply to my posting.

  MIke 21:58 13 Jul 2007

When I recently renewed my Broadband subscription, BT sent me a hub, even though I already had a voyager router. I connected the hub, and it worked....well for 24 hours anyway. Then just died. If you search the net you'll find lots of postings re the BT hub, and how useless it is. Iremember reading one posting that went along the lines ' I've had three hubs sent out by BT and am thinking of putting them in my front garden with the letters RIP on them, they make great tombstones'

Of course other people have no problems. I didn't get the hub phone with mine, and only made one free call. The quality was a bit like an echoy mobile conversation. As you can probably tell I'm not impressed that's why I haven't bothered complaining to BT about the faulty Hub I received.

  €dstowe 22:04 13 Jul 2007

I have the BT hub - which was free when I upgraded from one option to another - with a price reduction as well. I then got the hub phone, again for free on some other offer.

They both work perfectly well. Am I just lucky with them or do I have new improved versions?

  MIke 00:08 14 Jul 2007

No idea I only had mine about four weeks ago but as I don't spend that much on phone calls anyway it just wasn't worth the hassle of getting it sorted Mike

  The Old Mod 07:22 14 Jul 2007

Hi, I have the BT hub and phone, you do not need the PC on to use the phone,only the hub switched on. Calls are free evening and weekends, I've had no problems in using or receiving calls to this phone. The Hub and phone were very easy to setup.

  rawprawn 08:13 14 Jul 2007

I recieved a "Welcome Pack" which contained one small pamphlate explaining how I should connect my PC and router to the phone line (Already connected obviously)and very little else. I would just like to ask does BT speed get faster over a 10 day period? (I have left my router plugged in)
I was getting between 3 and 6 mb on Tiscali and I am only getting 2mb with my new BT connection.

  23790954 12:36 14 Jul 2007

Thanks for all the views you have posted. Like rawprawn I have just received my MAC code from Tiscali, as I found their Broadband Service quite unnacceptable. I have been with them for about 6 years but things were getting worse as regards, overcharging, broadband speed, and the system failing. I had intended giving B.T. a try, but after reading your posts I am not sure that things would get any better. Just WHO ARE an efficient, reputable broadband provider.

  €dstowe 13:39 14 Jul 2007

When I first went to 8Mb I didn't initially find any difference to what I was getting previously (2Mb).

Gradually after about a week the speed went to to the level I get now which is 6 - 7Mb most of the time. I do get some reduction in speed a busy times (evenings) but my usage is mainly during the day so it doesn't matter too much.

  23790954 13:49 14 Jul 2007


Does your post re the speed refer to BT broadband, are you with B.T. now and are you quite satisfied with them.
Obliged if you could answer my query. Many Thanks

  rawprawn 14:09 14 Jul 2007

Yes I changed to BT because my speeds at Tiscali had been getting slower and slower. I complained three times and nothing changed, so I asked for a MAC Code and changed to BT. Three days later (Before the changeover) Tiscali reduced my BB rental to £14.99 (From £17.99) and my speed increased back up to between 3 and 6mb.I felt that they had been cheating me since that was what it was when I first went on to 8MB Max but for the last few months I was only getting 1mb. I don't like that kind of practice and went to BT.
I now realise that I got no real welcome pack because I am using my own router, I am satisfied with them but I would like to see my speed increase. I am told it will get better after about 10 days, if not I will ring their helpline.

  rawprawn 14:12 14 Jul 2007

I have just done another speed test and I am now getting over 4mb. That's better!!
If it stays there or gets better I am very satisfied.

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