BT Broadband switch nightmare - Help!!

  MaggieP 09:57 24 Mar 2010

Recently made the big mistake of switching Broadband from Orange to BT. Won't bore you with the whole sorry saga but would appreciate advice as can't get any sense out of BT. Equipment was delivered on Monday and received email on the evening to say that switchover had taken place. Set up the BT Hub but broadband light was red. Plugged my old Netgear router back in and that connected ok. Phoned BT who said there was a fault on the outside line and would send an engineer but couldn't explain why the netgear was still working. Engineer turned up, climbed a couple of poles and fiddled with the wires. Asked him to check the BT hub and he said it was faulty. Phoned BT who said they would send replacement hub - due today. Question is how do I know whether BT have actually switched the service from Orange? I can still access Orange email and my account so don't know if I am with them or BT. Don't want to pay for both services and BT are ignoring written complaints and phone calls. Appreciate any advice!

  RobCharles1981 10:54 24 Mar 2010

If I was in the same boat of switching ISP's I would obviously speak to experts at the forums and also I would look up whats available at the "Samknows"

I'm with ADSL24 who are brilliant in my terms. If I was you get rid of BT and see if they have a "Cooling Off Period" you made a bad mistake there.

  ventanas 11:37 24 Mar 2010

This sounds familiar. I changed from orange to BT 14 months ago.
I will be back with orange next week.
The BT setup is next to useless. I also had a faulty hub, but getting them to believe you is an enormous issue. Everyone is thick and ignorant apart from their language challenged staff.
I ended up telling them is no uncertain terms just what I thought of them, and what was exactly wrong with their equipment.
When it did work a number of sites could not be accessed, which turned out to be due to settings in the hub, and the infernal phone they supply kept on losing the hub.
The phone was ditched months ago.
And they do not want to let you go either - actually told me that my number was not available to Orange - I told him he was a cretin, demanded the MAC there and then or I was going to Ofcom.
My advice cancel if you still can and stick with Orange - I never had a problem with them.

  MaggieP 11:49 24 Mar 2010

Well just received the new hub and guess what? That isn't working either. I am not convinced that they have connected me and cancelled Orange but how do I check?!

  Kevscar1 12:47 24 Mar 2010

Contact Orange and ask them.

  sunnystaines 17:10 24 Mar 2010

never had a change of ISP that went smoothly all been a nightmare. never had bt or orange ISP.

  Jollyjohn 18:25 24 Mar 2010

just a minor point but have you connected the hub correctly - I did a spell in a call centre for BT support and you would be surprised at the number of people who rang in with no connection because they had connected the phone line to the port marked phone line on the back of the hub. It needs to go into the port marked dsl line.

  MaggieP 18:34 24 Mar 2010

I can't see a dsl line? have connected the broadband cable to the port marked broadband and the other end into the modem. computer says i have local connection but not internet. bt are telling us that we can't cancel until tomorrow because we have to give the new equipment 24 hours. suppose we will then have problems getting the mac code etc!

  Jollyjohn 20:02 24 Mar 2010

That's ok. I think the hubs have improved a bit because of the complaints.
Ring Orange and ask them to check the "Tag" on your phone line. Orange will have to remove their tag to allow BT to put their one on.
Once this is done your BT hub will pick up the dsl signal on the line and the red light will change to blue.

  MaggieP 20:13 24 Mar 2010

Thanks for replies. I phoned Orange and they said that we have been switched to BT but our orange account will not be closed for 30 days and we still have to get a mac code off BT to switch back again. the broadband light on the hub is mostly solid orange and occasionally red? was told to leave it for 5 hours and the engineer would then phone back to check if it was working. Guess what? no phone call

  Jollyjohn 20:29 24 Mar 2010

OK. Double check your BT username and password on the hub. If you check in the user guide for the hub I think an orange light means a username or password error.

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