BT Broadband Speedtester problems?

  Chillie 19:41 24 Nov 2008

Can anyone advise whether they have had problems with the above?

Have tried it twice today and have found it to be extremely slow. Just stopped the last attempt after 25 minutes!


  recap 19:57 24 Nov 2008

click here this may help as it give you some suggestions to try and help you run speedtester.

  Technotiger 21:08 24 Nov 2008

Which Browser are you using? I use Firefox and IE, but have found that the BB Speedtester works better with IE. It should only take a couple of minutes or so.

  Stuartli 21:22 24 Nov 2008

If you are on an LLU service, IIRC the BT speed test won't work.

Try click here

  Pastor Joe 21:41 24 Nov 2008

I use falconnet (Entanet), managed to get the BT Speedtest to run once, just over a year ago. Tried it many times since, never worked once.

Add to that the Entanet Usage Tool having been broken for the past year and...

I use several other speed tests with no problem.

  Stuartli 21:46 24 Nov 2008

The relevant website help page:

click here

states: "You can only use the Broadband Speed Test if your broadband network provider is BT."

  Chillie 22:59 24 Nov 2008

Technotiger, you were spot on! Didn't think of using IE as FF is my preferred browser. In IE the test worked and the results were similar to those from Namesco (my preferred tester).

The job tomorrow is to remove the I-Plate and see what happens to the speed. BT says I can only get up to 1.5Mbps. With the I-Plate, the results are:
Namesco: 1175 Download, 245 Upload
BT: 1152 Download, 288 Upload.

Not bad, I think.

Stuartli, thanks also for your response. I did not give all the info in my original post. My apologies.

Will tick this as resolved.


  Stuartli 23:04 24 Nov 2008

The speed test link I provided uses the Namesco London link or Maidenhead - click here is also a Nameso speed test.

The BT i-Plate only works under certain circumstances. See the section beginning: "Please be aware of these instances of where the iPlate will have little or no effect" at:

click here

  Chillie 10:06 25 Nov 2008

I have bookmarked the links given. Also those you gave Woodchip about TCP Optimiser.


  Cymro. 11:35 25 Nov 2008

I had given up on using the BT Speedtest gadget a couple of years ago as it gave me more problems than it was worth. On seeing this thread I thought I would give it a try and rather to my surprise it worked quite well.

I still don`t think it as good as the Namesco one that Stuartli mentions above and is the one that I will stick with even though the BT one seems to work better than it once did.

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