BT Broadband and Sis 7001 Chipset Compatibity ?

  Giggle n' Bits 11:39 26 Jul 2003

Friend of mine recently connected to Bt broadband and he has a motherboard that is based on the SIS 7001 Chipset. Eveyr 5 or 10 mins or so the Broadband connection actually disconnects and goes.

BT say that it is a Compatibilty issue between there BT Broadband modem and the Sis chipset and nothing can be done.

Erhh bit steep if a new motherboard etc is required ?.

Would a PCI USB Card solve this problem?
Or is BT Broadband for the Bin ?.

  BillEmm 13:36 26 Jul 2003

Some USB chipsets are problematic - though its usually the modem that is the root cause of any problems.

The PCI card is an option and a very good one is the Belkin F5U006 4 port model which contains 4 Lucent USB 1.1 controllers which are very tolerant of high current demanding USB ADSL modems.

If this is your answer then shop around - prices vary quite considerably.

But before that: have you got the modem powered off a good over-current handling self-powered hub? How about your MTU being optimised? Maybe you havent removed the power off option on your USB hubs and modem.

Post back if you need more specific info.


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