BT Broadband setup problem

  Bad Beagle 22:29 12 Jul 2008

PLease help

My sister who lives 300 miles away and is not particularly IT minded has just received her BT Voyager broadband modem etc. She gets some way into the setup CD when it asks for her phone number and then keeps rejecting it.

Her telephone number is BT but is un usually a 10 digit number (inc STD) could this be the reason the software rejects it ? If so what can be done ?

Thanks in advance

  brundle 23:16 12 Jul 2008

Add extra 0s at the start of the number?

  wee eddie 09:14 13 Jul 2008

ringing the help line usually helps, particularly during set-up, even though it sometimes costs money.

  Bad Beagle 10:26 13 Jul 2008

Thank you folks - she cannot understand a word said by the helpline or make herself understood ... which is helpful.

Has anybody got direct experience of a similar problem ?

  p;3 13:24 13 Jul 2008

try this maybe?

the CD she has received will have been 'programmed' with the phone number she registered to be her Broadband number ; when she puts in the cd it will ask her specific questions; the manual states

'your username is made up of your first name and last name


[email protected]

PLEASE NOTE; this is NOT an email address and is only used to register you as a BT Broadband user and to start your BT Broadband service'
the phone number MUST be the one she registered AS the Broadband one

she MUST enter ALL the numbers in that phone number including STD dilling code;

make sure she is using the number she has hopefully registered with BT and that BT has stated the phone line is 'live' and usable

hope that helps?

  T0SH 22:19 15 Jul 2008

Forget the BT CD you do not need it,

download the latest USB modem drivers for your model modem from here

click here

next run the installer if at some stage it prompts you to plug in the modem then do so if it does not reboot then plug in the modem windows will find it and install the drivers when it says it is done a Voyager icon should appear on your desktop double click this icon will open up the web interface
for username type [email protected]
for the password type 38
then click Connect
you should now be online

Cheers HC

  Bad Beagle 18:34 17 Jul 2008

Thanks All !

Got there in the end by adding a zero at the end of the landline number - based on brundle's idea and not helped by BT in any way who told my sister that her phone number was not hers and that she did not live at the address she gave ! Wrong on both counts - she's been there with the same BT number for 20 years !
"Computer says no" syndrome !!

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