Bt broadband re-installation problems

  mds12 19:57 10 Jun 2006

Tried to re-install BT broadband using the disc (having deleted the old files in add/remove programs) as i reinstalled XP and lost everything. When the disk loads it says that the installation is 75% complete and proceeds to the line test page which says there is a problem with the line. All seems ok with the line/router (voyager 210) and BT have confirmed this by a line test. I suspect that when i re-installed XP i changed something in the settings?? Help!

  yaesu 23:14 10 Jun 2006

Hi, why not fire up ie6, go to tools,options, and set it up manually for yourself? You could, once you get it working, download the latest Yahoo browser from BT's site, if you must. I don't like it and use firefox mostly.My router is a Voyager 205. Regards, yaesu.

  josie mayhem 23:54 10 Jun 2006

I have a similar problem with a friend computer, according to the setup disk from bt, it tells us that his computer isn't man enough... it actualy states that win 95 is being used and that it has only 32mb ram!!!! Infact the computer is only two years old, has 512mb ram runs xp and is a p4 3gzh...

I let windows select the drivers to run the modem and the manaly set the connection using 0,38 as the dail number...

  mds12 00:59 11 Jun 2006

Yaesu, cheers for the reply. When you say set it up manually.....? Is that with or without the disk in? I'm a real novice at the moment i'm afraid.

  yaesu 13:07 12 Jun 2006

Hi mds12, sorry for delay in reply work called!, here is what I did,and you don't need the disc, in ie6 click tools; internet options; connections tab;setup tab, and follow wizard. (connect to the internet, click next; click setup manually; click "connect using bb connection that is always on" follow wizard from here. I can't get any further with the wizard as it says mine is already set up. Hope this helps and as I said you can always download the Yahoo browser once you'e got connection working. Good luck, regards, yaesu.
Josie mayhem, yes, BT's disc gets confused!!

  mds12 18:42 12 Jun 2006

Yaesu. Thanks, will try that when i get home tomorrow before i pay out a fortune for a BT engineer to tell me something similair.

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