BT Broadband Problems this week ?

  Sheik Yerbouti 18:19 25 Feb 2008

Hi, been having some issues with BT BB this last few days, line dropouts, slow DL speeds etc. Phoned support last night and had to go through a few of the usual tests including removing the face from the master socket to reveal the test socket behind. Having done that, a wire came loose from the box and everything stopped working. Using the master socket, got the phone working again, but BB wouldn't from the upstairs socket. According to BT it's a wiring fault and will cost £116 to fix. I removed the socket on their say-so, but now it's my fault !
Anyway, I was complaining to them today and have been told it is a national thing, this Internet access anyone else out there been having slow internet connections this last week or so ? (pref. BT BB users who test there speed on a regular basis) BTW, mine has dropped from solid 7 Mbps for last 2 years, to 5.5, THEN 4.5, NOW 3.5 in last 2 days. Thanks.

  €dstowe 18:29 25 Feb 2008

No problems here (West Sussex).

  PO79 18:32 25 Feb 2008

I am experiencing very slow speeds(Tiscali) down to as low as 89mbps (on 2 Meg broadand), here in North Norfolk.

  €dstowe 18:36 25 Feb 2008

Is it Pakistan's fault?

click here

  Sheik Yerbouti 18:57 25 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replies folks, €dstowe, you might have a point there.

PO79 is this a recent occurrence (ie did it just start slowing down?)

I'm in Liverpool 25 area here BTW.

  Sheik Yerbouti 18:59 25 Feb 2008

Just had local phone engineer out to sort the wiring, everything working again, but Ethernet conn. only producing 3400 kbps.

  rawprawn 19:00 25 Feb 2008

No problem here I am hitting just over 6mg on an upto 8mg connection. I quite often run at 7MB

  Lettervanman 19:13 25 Feb 2008

A while ago everyone on our local exchange was getting very slow speeds. This was experienced by customers of various providers who all said that it was not due to problems at their end,and suggested the users computers were at fault(or at least their set up was)
Suddenly all was back to normal with no explanation from BT or the providers. This had to be due to something at the local exchange because the next exchange had no problem.
We are all aware that faults do happen,but why oh why does someone not inform us?

  TonyV 20:00 25 Feb 2008

BT have been dropping their speeds for the past year. But will not admit to it. I have been in touch with them over a number of months now, and had all manner of excuses from them including there is a line fault, it is your Speedtouch Modem, you need to buy a router. Will run a line check. The speed is logged at 3000kbps or 4000kbps then it goes down. Then they say that mine is slow, we will send you a home hub. This arrived, it was connected and there was absolutely no difference in the actual connection speeds. If I hold the mouse over the two computers in the task bar, I am told it is connected at 100.0Mbps. If only. To this they say there are a lot of overheads in the connection??? (Thank goodness I didn't go ahead and buy a Router which would have given me no advantage despite their assurances.) On various speed checks, the actual comes out at 2796 to 3896kbps, so if the 100.0Mbps is anyway near there is an awful lot being used on "Overheads".

The galling thing is that I have connected at 7.2Mbps when we lived in Leicestershire, and when we moved to Somerset, it was also connecting at 7.0Mbps. (That was with a 3 Thomson 330 Modem.)It has gone down ever since. I am now waiting for BT to ask me to "renew" my contract in August because if I close it now I have a massive amount to pay, even though they "upgraded" my package, on their invitation, last August, which to me is not a new contract but a modified original contract. They will not accept that.

I shall sit and wait now and see if they do, in fact, improve any thing.

I will not hold my breath.


  Technotiger 20:05 25 Feb 2008

The 100Mbps shown is nothing to do with your broadband speed - it is the speed relevant to a your own personal home network (if you had one - ie: pc to wireless laptop) which still shows even without a home network.

  TonyV 20:34 25 Feb 2008

It was BT who were saying that it looks high, but there are a lot of overheads in that figure. No idea what he was talking about, he never said anything to do with a home network system. There isn't one anyway! It is interesting though, with the Speedtouch 330 modem, when I held the mouse over the two computers in the task bar, the connection speed there was exactly what the connection speed was. Even BT had to agree with that.



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