BT Broadband problems

  gazza38 12:20 03 Jun 2006

Since upgrading to the 8mb service on the 9/05/05 I keep losing my connection every 15-20 minutes.This mostly only occurs in the evenings.
BT say they had an engineer check the line twice and found no fault,it must be my internal wiring.
I notice that my line drops when the routers s/n ratio drops below 6db.Also if the problem is my internal wiring,why is it working ok during the day?
Using the BT speed test wizard,it states that things may improve if I install more ram.Surely
this can't be true ? I have 2GB of DDR400 installed now.
The router is a BT Voyager 2500v and I am using the supplied cables and filter,conncting my main PC using ethernet and two others throught wireless.
All PC's running XP home SP2.

I know i'm not the only one having this same problem,but has anyone found a solution ?

Many Thanks

  Graham ® 12:49 03 Jun 2006

Try connecting to the socket inside the main BT box. This will rule out your extension wiring. 8Mb is more fussy than lower speeds with wiring.

  gazza38 12:55 03 Jun 2006

Thanks Graham,
I'll give it a try and see what happens later on this evening.

  gazza38 16:18 03 Jun 2006

I changed my internal wiring and shortly after lost my connection again.I phoned BT and it turns out that although I was informed that my line had been tested,this was a lie.There is a known fault on my line but it had not been followed up.I checked the online fault issues and this was confirmed.The last fault was not recorded,a previous fault from nearly 2 months ago was there and the current one.
I wish I had changed over to NTL now,I don't like being lied to.

  Dipso 00:17 04 Jun 2006

See what BT come up with, but there are a few people with this issue of SNR dropping so low in the evenings (below 6, 6 being the minimum required to maintain the connection without errors) that the line drops and has to resync.

The reason it happens only in the evening can be due to things like streetlights, central heating or other sources of interference which cause the SNR to drop.

There are a couple of routers on the market, that can help with this problem. The Belkin 7633 allows the user to tweak the SNR to set the SNR to be high, so that it allows a slower sync rate but a much more stable connection. The newer Speedtouches can be tweaked with a third party piece of software which allows you to do pretty much the same.

Others have been able to get their ISP's to set the SNR to do pretty much the same.

The RAM thing sounds rubbish!

  Steve- 00:32 04 Jun 2006

I don't know how relevant this is, but having had very similar problems since going to BT ADSL Max, I have been monitoring the situation.

My SNR varies from 11db during the day when the temperature is high to a low of 4db at night when the temperature is low.

I watched the SNR change this morning and it seemed to follow the rise in outside Temp.

  Mad Mick 20:59 04 Jun 2006

BT have been attending to my complaints about the same issue. It is only when I plugged the Voyager into the test plug in the Master socket and got the same problem did BT pay more attention to me. They are to phone me back tomorrow.

  frankie 23:06 04 Jun 2006

bt and customer service still a joke dont do it yet as the free upgrade is another years contract

  butler666 08:29 29 Jun 2006

I too have similar / same problems as gazza38. Called BT about a week ago - line check carried out and fault identified at the exchange which was "rectified". Needless to say no change to the problem. (Previous isp was Pipex 1Mb line no problems but wanted 8Mb product which they could not offer me so I went to BT).
I connected my old 3com Office Connect router and this was completely stable. BT replaced the 2500v yesterday but after testing for a approx 4 hours router disconnected 7 times. I wouldn't mind using the old router but wanted to use the broadband phone facility. Currently getting 1.8Mb connection (some distance from exchange).

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