BT Broadband problem

  Mad Mick 22:43 31 May 2003

Can anyone help. I have a Broadband connection with using a BT Voyager USB ADSL modem. The power light remains on permanently and I understand that this is perfectly normal with the new breed of motherboards which are permanently live. The problem is that when I come back to the computer the link light is blinking, which according to the instructions on the accompanying CD, states that the modem is trying to connect to the ADSL..

Why should this be when the computer has been turned off? It doesn’t happen all the time, just about 70% of the time. Can anyone out there help?

  velodrome 00:43 01 Jun 2003

mad mick
if you have not already done so, click on the 2 green arrows on the taskbar. Then diagnostics - next - test.
This will tell you if modem is connected ok.
If arrows or not showing in teskbar, go to start - programmes - bt voyager adsl modem - configure - diagnostics - next - test.

  Mad Mick 09:51 01 Jun 2003

the test did not reveal any problems. I have no problem with accessing the net. My problem is why is my modem trying to access the net when my computer is shut down? Your help is appreciated

  graham√ 10:12 01 Jun 2003

Mick, the power light indicates the 'modem' is connected to the phone line, not the motherboard. ( to the tune of 'the leg bone is connected to the hip bone').

But you're quite correct, the link light shouldn't be flashing when the PC is off, or on standby. If it is working OK, it will not do any harm. But if it is annoying, have a word with BT, I'm sure they will send another Voyager.

  Mad Mick 15:29 01 Jun 2003

Thanks. I'll give BT a call

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