A BT broadband problem

  wobblymike 18:32 26 Dec 2005

Ladies and Gents - a bit of help if you can. I maintain my neighbour's system for him, for some time he had BT broadband at 512 - a while ago BT offered him a free upgrade to 2.2MB which he accepted. A few weeks ago his USB modem failed so we got a BT Voyager 205 ADSL router to replace it. I installed an ethernet card and connected it via eternet cable, set it up for him and connected to the net no probs. While downloading AV updates I was struck how slow the updates were downloading for what was supposed to be a 2.2MB connection. I used both BT and a separate speed checker to check his speed it reports at between 200 and 300 kb/s download speed. I have checked his new modem on my system (I have a 2.2MB Plusnet connection) and it is fine reporting download speeds of around 2MB. I have plugged his PC into my system and that is also fine - I have changed filters and changed cable connections to the master phone socket - finally I switched to USB - still the same 200-300kb/s. My only conclusion is that either there is a fault on his line (BT says it's fine) or the service provided is at fault. Any thoughts would be welcome.

  mgmcc 20:20 26 Dec 2005

It is a little difficult to see what speeds you are actually getting. A 2.2Mbps (Megabits per second) connection would equate to download speeds of 275kBps (kilobytes per second) and downloads are usually shown in Bytes rather than Bits.

  Stuartli 20:26 26 Dec 2005

K bits will be listed in thousands and K bytes in hundreds with a 2MB connection after a speed test.

Both figures will vary quite a bit each time you do a speed test for an number of reasons.

  Stuartli 20:28 26 Dec 2005

I assume the figures you quote i.e such as 200-300k bps are in bytes, so the speeds being recorded are typical of a 2MB connection.

  wobblymike 13:14 27 Dec 2005

Guys - Thanks for your comments but I don't think I have got my message through

When reading the speed test results these are from my system
Actual speed
Downstream 1906kbps (238.3Kb/sec)

and these are from my friend's system


Any thoughts welcome

  Graham ® 13:47 27 Dec 2005

The speeds your neighbour is getting are those of a dial-up analogue connection. Is it possible the settings have changed to use the dial-up modem?

  wobblymike 22:39 27 Dec 2005

Graham Thanks the thought occurred to me as well but there is no dial up modem in the PC it only has the BB connection. Any thoughts from the evening shift?

  Skyver 22:42 27 Dec 2005

It's slightly misleading, dialup speeds would be more like 5Kb/sec. You can get more detailed signal info from the modem (scroll down the list for BT 205) click here
You're looking for different numbers according to the speed your BB connection is rated for; click here

  Skyver 22:44 27 Dec 2005

Was your friend's system downloading via a 512 connection at 60Kb/sec? How old is the system?

  diy 23:05 27 Dec 2005

These are my connection speeds, 2 meg BT broadband, 205 voyager with one other computer networked, using click here

download time: 2.062
download size in thousands of bytes: 500
estimated line speed (K bits per second): 1978.7
estimated line speed (K bytes per second): 242.5

  wobblymike 23:18 27 Dec 2005

Skyver I'm afraid I don't understand the question - his connection is a 2.2MB connection upgraded from 512

DIY - yes your speeds are similar to mine my friends however is

244.83kbps(30.6kb/sec)on what is supposed to be a 2.2 MB connection?

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