BT Broadband Phone - possibly non toucttone phone?

  funkey_monkey 21:30 28 Jun 2008

I've just connected my new broadband provider - BT and am having some difficulty with setting up my phone.

I have chosen option 1 but am unable to get my broadband phone service to work through the router - 220V. I believe that broadband phone should be part of my option.

We have an extra phone which is just connected to the ADSL filter and it seems to be working fine - receiving and dialling out.

However, the phone connected through the router is not working. How can I sort this out? As a last resort I could opt to plug the phone into the ADSL filter and make/receive normal phone cals, but I was hoping to be able to make broadband calls instead.

I've looked on the BT webpages and it seems that option 1 is available for us.

I have just noticed that this is for touchtone phones only. Our phone is a Cable & Wireless CWT 300. I've done a quick search of google and I can't see if this is a touchtone phone - how can I tell and is this the likely problem?

Many thanks,


  BurrWalnut 08:14 30 Jun 2008

Presumably you mean a VOIP telephone?
This connects to the router and BT should have given you a separate number for it. Then, you have to activate it online before using it.

Unless I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick!

  funkey_monkey 09:13 30 Jun 2008

On the BT it states:

"All evening and weekend calls to UK(2) landlines are included at no extra cost "

(2) Means 01, 02 and 03 numbers, excluding Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply. Pence per minute charging applies after one hour. Redial before one hour to avoid call charges. Opt-in required. Quality of reception may not match landline. Service restrictions apply e.g. 999 calls. Limited emergency location information stored. Service will fail if there is a power failure. Abuse policy applies. Touchtone telephone required.

Note last sentence...

  Rayle 11:58 30 Jun 2008

You may need to activate via the HomeHub.

You can get help on te BT forum click here

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