BT broadband and Outlook Express

  Snrub 13:14 15 Oct 2004

I was on BT 24/7 later upgraded to BT Broadband. Unaware I upgraded BT 24/7 to BT Yahoo. I received large service charge bills because I have discovered I was running two broadband connections in parrallel. The 24/7 BT Yahoo was disguised under 'Package Fees' on the bill with BT Broadband listed seperately. BT billing claim BT Broadband and BT 24/7 Yahoo are two seperate companies. I have now cancelled 24/7 Yahoo Broadband and now am unable to receive 'Outlook Expess' on the remaing BT Boadband line. Without paying for Premium Rate Mail from Yahoo is there any free way of connecting Outlook Express?
Am I the only person to fall for inadvertantly running two BT systems for 9 months?

  Graham ® 14:20 15 Oct 2004

Assuming your email address refers to Yahoo, you may have to create another that refers to BT Broadband. Then configure Outlook Express to look for mail on that server under your username. I don't know of any free means of retrieving your mail to the 'old' address.

  mbp 17:35 15 Oct 2004

Your case seems rather complicated and I cannot really understand the initial problem. I was on BT-Off Peak Internet connection.Switched to BT Broadband then installed BT-Yahoo Broadband at their invitation, and I did not notice any change in the monthly rental fees. I now can use IE, OE, BT-Yahoo Mail, still at the same BTBB fees. I also have Yahoomail, MSN mail,BY-Yahoo mail, Thinderbird mail (default), and everything works OK. You may need some configuration to get address books, or other mail etc imported etc. But it is not impossible.

  Mad Mick 21:30 15 Oct 2004

I changed to BT Broadband from BT dial up some time ago. It was then that I found that they did not provide an email service. I had to set up a web mail address with BT’s Talk 21 service. This cannot be used through Outlook Express, so in order to get a POP3 service I had to open another email address with BT Openworld for which I have to pay an additional £1.50 per month..

BT have recently combined with Yahoo to provide an ISP service similar to that of the old BT Openworld. BT Broadband is a separate company to BT Yahoo Broadband with different pricing policies. BT appear to be trying to get all users of the 512 Broadband service to sign up to BT Yahoo instead of BT Broadband. When the prices were recently reduced, we BT Broadband users were given a choice to change to BT Broadband 1MB or BT Yahoo Broadband 1 MB. We no longer have that choice. If we want a 1MB service then we are forced to use BT Yahoo Broadband.

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