BT Broadband but no BT CD only Modem

  Giggle n' Bits 00:05 17 Dec 2006

With a BT Voyager 105 USB Modem which is re-used from old AOL service but now to be used on a BT Broadband Service in WinXP Home.

BT will not help with this, Have got BT BT Broadband and have for a few months. Have installed the voyager 105 driver fine downloaded from my house taken to friends, the modem connects fine (Connected by USB) but when viewing web page nothing is available.

BT Tech say they need the CD which is X £sss bit cruel just cos they didn't buy a modem I think and they say its not possible to manually configure.

Does anyone know if it it possible to get the BT software from there homepage by acutally get a web page up.

Can connect the Voyager 105 USB Modem fine to make a connection but it not possible to view a web page. Also noticed modem states cable is unplugged when its not connected by LAN its on USB.

  Dipso 00:25 17 Dec 2006

Did you get the driver for BT rather than AOL from click here

  Giggle n' Bits 18:43 17 Dec 2006

I Have got the driver from the BT site but not installed this yet. As it is only a driver why would this make a difference ?

BT Tech support insisted it would not be possible to connect to the site without a CD so I ask why will this BT supplied Driver with no software make any difference.

  Dipso 20:40 17 Dec 2006

Not sure why the BT driver would be any different. AOL used to require an MTU value of 1400 but I thought this was no longer the case...maybe it's that.

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