BT Broadband networking

  [DELETED] 20:20 11 Aug 2003

I have a home network set up using a Linksys package. My two computers have network cards in them and network cables going into a small hub. I've managed to get file sharing to work and have been quite content with this up until now. Today I received my modem for broadband from BT and it is now up and running and I'm very happy with the results. I now want to network my two PCs so that both can use a broadband internet connection. After many hours I'm unable to get it work. The 'server' computer is running Windows XP Home and the 'client' uses Windows 98. I've run the XP Home network wizard too many times to count and followed all of the instructions and gotten nowhere. I've ever been into PC World and asked for help but they were rather vague and said I could try and find a utility on the internet to do the sharing for me or buy an ethernet hub and new broadband ethernet modem - something that I would rather not do due to the price. I have downloaded a program called NetProxy (from but it hasn't been of any great help as the documentation wasn't very clear. Can anyone help me, giving clear instructions of exactly what I need to do to get broadband shared?

  [DELETED] 20:46 11 Aug 2003

You could checkout the Adsl guide. I presume its ADSL being as its BT BB you refer to. I note that they have some diagrams on this site <click here>. Here have NTL cable BB and use a Linksys Cable/DSL BB router to give separate internet connection to either of my two PC's. Possibly you will need a combied ADSL/modem router for your connections. Sorry I cannot be more specific. Wait until someone with an ADSL setup replies.

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