BT broadband network

  User-8010E2E0-B7E8-4D23-AB7C92BE4D79C246 20:22 27 Jul 2003

I have just purchased a new pc with onboard LAN. I have an old pc which I used for BT broadband. I decided to connect both of them up to use ICS, so I purchased a PCI ethernet card for the old PC, as well as CAT5 cable. I decided to link up the PC's directly instead of spending on a switch etc.

Anyways, I have linked up the network and everything works e.g. file sharing, printer sharing etc. However, the client Pc cannot surf the internet. I know I'm going wrong somewhere in my configuration, since the broadband connection shows up. It's just that the PC cannot surf the web, sign into msn messenger etc.

I'd be really appreciative of any help, as I am a newbie to networks.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I am using the BT Voyager 100 ADSL modem, connected through USB.

I can provide more info if needed.

anyone able to help?

I guess no one knows the solution.

  Dekay 23:56 27 Jul 2003

BT have something about this on there site.

Yea, I checked that. It's not too detailed though. They say to 'set each client to obtain it's ip address via DCHP'. Can anyone please tell me what this is?

  sil_ver 00:31 28 Jul 2003

Is this any help click here

Well, it is help to me, but not a great deal. I need to know how to enable it in windows XP, so that each client obtains it's address via it.

Thanx for putting in the effort to find the link though:)

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