BT Broadband Modem Returning Null Value Winsoxfix?

  babybell 17:38 10 Dec 2004

We had to format our PC due to a virus problem, however on reinstalling windows 98 SE and then reinstalling BT Broadband we can no longer connect to the internet. I ran the signal test and it said that all the cables are connected properly (which they should b becuz we havent moved them since they did work) but it says the modem is returning a null value. Is this a hardware problem or would running Winsoxfix solve the problem?

  Noelg23 17:42 10 Dec 2004

when you reinstalled the modem...did you follow instructions to remove the USB cable when told? its just you say you didnt remove any of the cables and I just wondering. have you rung the BT Broadband helpdesk yet?

  babybell 17:48 10 Dec 2004

Yes i did disconnect the usb during reinstallation but did put it back in when prompted. Havent tried ringing yet, that would b my last option cuz they keep me on hold 4 ages!

  Noelg23 17:55 10 Dec 2004

which number do you ring? sounds like youre not ringing the right number...

  babybell 17:58 10 Dec 2004

I dunno, when i installed the software, it already has a no. included, this is what we done last time when we first installed it and it was ok

  Noelg23 18:00 10 Dec 2004

well just in case the number you want to be ringing is 08702404650. they dont have a Q all the time and are open 24hrs a day! its your best bet...

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