BT Broadband installation problems

  Chris-190573 23:31 05 Oct 2004


I have recently purchased a new computer and have tried to install BT broadband which i have had on my laptop for months now. It si using a BT voyager 105 modem.

Whilst installing the software it says to finally connect the modem cable to the computer, one done it continues to install and then halfway through it stops recognising the cd and says to insert the cd to complete installation.

Screen then goes blank with just a BT broadband logo saying "insert the cd to complete installation" and i have to reset my computer

The computer is a Dell Dimension 8400 Enhanced performance model.

Any ideas what i can do??

  johnnyrocker 23:34 05 Oct 2004

bt support?


  PsiFox 08:22 06 Oct 2004

Whats your operating system.

If it is ME or Win 98 I have seen this problem many times.

BT Support say it is down to incompatabilities with the op/sys.

Change ISP
Update op/sys
Buy a different modem
Get a router


  Noelg23 08:38 06 Oct 2004

PsiFox is right...I use to work at BT Broadband and before I left they were starting on these BT Voyager 105 modems...instantly people were having problems with them. so I would ring 08702404650 and get some help...but if they do all checks and you still cant get anywhere I would definitely get a new modem, possibly an ethernet one...

Sorry!,emailed u in error, stupic man,copy inst cd onto folder in your c drive, it will, obviously not worry about recignising your cd drive.
hope it works

  Chris-190573 12:02 07 Oct 2004

Thanks, especially to johnnyrocker for the ingenius idea!!! i dont know why i didn't think of that myself!!

PsiFox and Noelg23 , many thanks, i only got the modem on thursday last week and it seems like i will have to get myself a new one already!! Why do BT supply this modem if there have been so many faults with it? I have tried calling but after 30 mins on hold then being passed around the houses i was told that they would send me a new cd!! Genius solution!! What made me laugh even more was the suggestion to have a look at the help pages on there website and then to download the software!! This when my internet is not working and that being the reason i am calling them!!

Shads, I have tried to copy from the cd to my harddrive and it says there is an error in copying the files.

sorry its taken me so long to reply but with no internet at home i am having to pop to the library to check this.

thanks again for your replies. but have you any more ideas? or am i just going to have to buy a new modem?

  Chris-190573 12:04 07 Oct 2004


  PsiFox 12:08 07 Oct 2004

Buy an ethernet modem or if you can run to it get a router with modem built in.

This will maintain the connection for you and allow multiple pc connections to the internet.
Useful if you have more than 1 pc.
Of course you will need network cards in each pc for this.

Netgear DG834 is simple to setup
DG834G also allows wireless network connection


  Noelg23 12:25 07 Oct 2004

Freshchris they knew about the problems and I think they are still trying to sort it out...but like PsiFox says get an ethernet modem...but I think the one PsiFox has listed is very pricey but Netgear are a good make of ethernet modems/routers go to click here you can pick up an ethernet modem for aound £20-£30!

  laurieballard 12:28 07 Oct 2004

it could be worse ur bt broadband cd could have exploded in ur cd drive like mine did. No one at bt support knows anything and they pass u from department to deperatment speaking to people who cannot help. My advice is use a different isp if possible, NTL is better and cheaper.

  PsiFox 12:40 07 Oct 2004

DG834 can be bought for £62.00 inc delivery.

Have installed several for clients and never had any problems.

Has a 2 year warranty.


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