BT Broadband Installation

  AlanHo 11:03 12 Jul 2008

A friend has just moved into a rented house and ordered telephone and broadband service from BT.

The telephone was promptly installed OK but BT cannot connect broadband because the previous tenant - who is not traceable - has not cancelled their broadband (from a different ISP) and the line is tied up.

The problem has been ongoing for a couple of weeks with no resolution in sight.

Anyone got any ideas how the log-jam can be resolved quickly.

  100andthirty 13:35 12 Jul 2008

As there's no way the previous tenant can use the Broadband there's no pint keeping in active. Try patiently to explain that they may be saying "cannot" but it means "will not"; of course they can change the line Of course they can do it - there has to be processes to deal with just this sort of situation.. If you get nowhere, don't lose your cool, but ask to speak to a manager.

  p;3 13:44 12 Jul 2008

curious; on another aspect of this , at this point who IS paying for the Broadband that is still in situ but obviously not being actively used? the bills will be going to someone and no one will be paying will they ?

  First Bass 17:33 12 Jul 2008

I had a similar problem where the "customer care" people at Tiscali closed my account simply because I wanted to switch my line rental back to BT (but keep everything else). I had to switch all my services to BT, but the b******s at Tiscali tied up my line. However, the very helpful BT customer support suggested I use Option 3, which although the most exepensive package, gets around the blocked line nonsense. Everything now works a treat, and now I don't have to hang on the end of the telephone line listening to some endless cruddy piped music from Tiscali (at my expense) waiting for someone to answer the call and then bungle my queries.

  josie mayhem 21:03 12 Jul 2008

If the previous tennent/owr has left the property, so cancelled there contract for the land line wiht BT, who cut the line until a new customer comes along what the earth is a tag still remaining on the line?

If BT decide to stop your landline, then the tags to broadband is lost it can only beconnected to a live landline!

Otherwise you could have broasband without having to have a active bt line!!!!

I would get your friend to querrie this with BT...

  AlanHo 23:01 12 Jul 2008

My friend tells me that when she moved into her ne home BT connected the phone the same day without having to come to the house - it was done at the exchange.

They told her there was a tag on the line from the previous ISP and they would try and get it removed - but 2 weeks later they have not succeeded. She was told it would help if she could trace the previous tenant and get them involved - but it has not been possible. The landlord is crying "Data Protection Act - Human Rights - and whatever else to avoid giving her their identity or contact address.

Hence she is relying on BT to solve the problem and nags them daily.

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