Bt Broadband hub question

  mahalo 18:45 17 Jan 2007

Help please, we have installed the new Bt broadband hud, and the software advised using an ethernet cable. Now we need to set up our second compter, do we need to use a second ethernet cable on this one ? as we only have one ethernet cable. I have searched the Bt broadband help and found nothing. Your help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

  Technotiger 19:20 17 Jan 2007

Hi, I am not familiar with the BT Hub, but assuming your hub/ethernet cable is connected to a ethernet card in your main pc, you should then be able to connect wirelessly to your second pc, the second pc will need a pci LAN card fitted, these have a small rod aerial for the wireless connection.

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You could also connect by purchasing a second ethernet cable at a guess. As I said, I am not familiar with the BT Hub, but no doubt someone else will come on and correct me if I am wrong.


  [email protected] 21:15 17 Jan 2007

pretty sure you're spot on there!

  woodchip 21:18 17 Jan 2007

You need to post Model hear, to make sure it will work as Wireless before you spend money

  commoner 21:32 17 Jan 2007

When I installed with bt using hub I was unsure. I rang the helpline and was advised use ethernet for first unit and USB for others. But you can recerse this by using USB for first and ethernet for other. Apparently it won't work on wireless if you use both the same. Anyway it seems to work as they say.

  ArrGee 23:40 17 Jan 2007

The set-up is better with an enthernet cable, as this does not rely on an encrypted signal.

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled PC/laptop, the initial configuration should be performed using a cable.

Once configured, remove the cable.

For any WiFi enabled PC/laptop to join your network, a key is required, which is located in the grey box on the back of the homehub box.

  mahalo 16:36 20 Jan 2007

Thank you folks for your reply, being a novice at these things, I feel i was I was not given the full information by BT. We had broadband with Bt and paid the extra to use two computers using a Voyager 125 modem with an adapter on the second computer. BT kept emailing me and writing to me to take up the new BT hub, I finally gave in thinking it would be just as easy to set up as the Voyage. No way Jose, what they did not inform was that I need a wireless adapter for the second computer downstairs, costing £24.99.
So that is why I have been "fighting" with the second computer trying to get it to talk to the main on upstairs. it took a call to bt to sort it. As an old folk and not a computer whizz it has been a very frustrating few days.
once again thank you all, I'll just go and have a nervous breakdown in the corner .

  [email protected] 17:15 20 Jan 2007

have a look here this might help
click here

  mahalo 11:30 23 Jan 2007

I bought a Belkin 21+ wireless adapter and after more frustrations , I finaaly got the hub to talk to the adapter. However the second computer is very slow while online, is this normal ? or should I have bought the Bt adapter ?, though when shopping for adapters we could not buy a Bt, they were all sold out. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated, the second computer was much faster when we had the old modem and adapter.Cheers.

  mahalo 14:01 23 Jan 2007


  mahalo 16:15 28 Jan 2007

Thank you all, it's working fine and both computers are quite fast, I must have tried when the web was busy. And now "if it aint broke I wont fix it ! ".

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