bt broadband etm fault

  jolorna 09:22 27 Oct 2004

windows xp home, bt bb using bt voyager 100 modem last night with power light on & dsl light on solid no flashing whilst trying to connect data light didn't flash then came up with error code 721 rang bt bb help on 0800 No who did a test and said there was a fault with the etm and told me to ring the 0870 helpline and tell them after going through all the same routine of uninstalling and reinstalling the modem and shutting down and restarting and getting nowhere said someone would call back within 24-48 hours i just switched everything of for the night tried again this morning and its working ok can anyone tell me what a ETM fault is please as nobody at the bt helplines new in the past every time i had a error code 721 the data light used to flash whilst trying

  Graham ® 10:24 27 Oct 2004

A wild guess, ETM = Electronic Test Measurement. I think they were saying they were unable to test the line. The 721 code would be 'unable to hand-shake with exchange'.

  jolorna 10:40 27 Oct 2004

thanks for your reply the error 721 i have had quite often but it will usually connect after a few tries but in those cases the data light used to flash as it was trying but last night the data light wouldn't even give a slight flicker could it be the modem starting to give up the ghost

  Noelg23 11:04 27 Oct 2004

blimey that one I hated so much when I was working at BT Broadband last year. anytime a customer said they had error 721 it wasnt really ETM it was to do with remote PPP peer not working, solution is not a PC problem...the solution is to use the test login(I would ring them about this) and if you connect using that it means that you may have select services on the line such as call barring, call diversion, call waiting and you will need to ring 150 to remove these cos they are what maybe causing the problem for you. and I can confirm this cos I just rang them myself just this second and thats what they told me so its from the horses mouth as they say. if your not getting connected using the test login then again you will need to contact 150 about the select services...but I would go back to the broadband helpdesk and have a word with them again...good luck hope that helps...

  jolorna 11:20 27 Oct 2004

thanks for your reply we dont have any select services & never had anyit was the 0800 No that tested and said it was a etm problem and told me to call the 0870 No and tell them we spent 45mins on the line last night trying all different types of login incluiding the test login which was in place of my name login and still not a flicker of light from the data light this error 721 has only been happening these last few months and had been through the helpdesk in the past but last night was the first time it refused to connect

  Noelg23 11:28 27 Oct 2004

blimey well I am not sure what else it could be...looks like they did their work and everything was covered...I dont know where to go from here now...

  jolorna 11:35 27 Oct 2004

thats why im wondering if its the modem starting to pack in today i have had a couple of 721 errors but the data light was flashing while it was trying to connect

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