BT Broadband Direct Debit

  BBez 18:58 08 Dec 2004

Anyone give me a definate date when BT Yahoo! BB debit your account (Bank of Scotland), not sure and neither are BT...


  Zorrofox 19:28 08 Dec 2004

Man, where do I start. I'm with them too having just changed from Virgin. My online bill says it will be due on the 14th of each month. However, following a phonecall to them I learned that in fact no debit would be made until the 19th. A pity that on the 19th I had no funds in that account, although the money was there on the 14th.

I duly received my letter from the bank (BoS) stating that an attempt had been made on the 24th(!) to extract the debit, which failed. The bank billed me £35 for this priviledge. I blew a gasket. I phoned BT again ang was told that they had indeed went for the money on the 19th and that they HAD been paid. I owed nothing. Cool, I thought. I phoned the bank only to be told that BT were telling porkies. They had not attempted to extract the money until the 24th and they had failed. I refused to pay the banks fine and they suggested to me that I phone BT again and tell them about the banks version of events. When I again phoned BT I got a different person. Of course. This persons version of events concurred with the banks version and she had no idea why I had been told anything different by another member of her staff! I was asked to get the bank to send me a statement, which I had to then send to BT so that they could pay off the fine I didn't incur.

Now that I'm writing this down i'm not sure any more if these events are in the same order. I'm seriously thinking of going to live in a cave.

If I was you I'd set up your direct debit from an account that always has cash in it. At least that way you won't incur any charges from your bank.

  Lionheart ? 19:29 08 Dec 2004

When I signed up for the Direct Debit, I was told it would be taken the 9th of the month, but in reality it is more likely to be around the 16th of the month, for me anyway.

  Spark6 19:33 08 Dec 2004

Been with BT for over a year now. Mine is on, or about, the 21st.

  Graham ® 19:47 08 Dec 2004

I would have thought the date would depend on your start date. I can't see BT taking all payments on the same day.

  BBez 17:48 09 Dec 2004

Zorrofox, pretty much had the same script from BT, that's why i posted, i've got money in but i'd like a definate from them...

Lionheart ?, Spark6, Graham ®, thanks for the info, i'll just leave money in and see when it comes out... tnx...

  Salinger 18:01 09 Dec 2004

Sorry, I don't follow your logic, if BT had attempted to debit your account before the due date then they might be responsible for you incurring bank charges. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that funds are there on the due date and LEFT THERE until whenever they debit you. BT is not responsible for your bank charges just because you overlooked leaving sufficient funds in your account. If they pay the bank charges I think you will be VERY fortunate.

  MIKE 18:05 09 Dec 2004

I have been with BT 18 months money always taken on the 22nd of the month. I would have thought the same as Graham ® depends on your start date.

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