Bt Broadband Desktop Help

  happyhotspur 13:23 25 Feb 2007

I recently had to go into the desktop help. the program informed me that there was an update available and would not let me do anything but download this new version. I did all this and now it does not work. As usual I have received absolutley no help from Bt Broadband except to tell me to surn of the firewall uninstall and then reinstall. You know I didn't think of this before ha ha, so I did it and guess what it still wont work.

I have now uninstalled completly as its useless, anybody else having problems.

Mind you the desktop help was no help at all before so I have lost nothing.

Roll on the end of my contract so I can change providers away from BT Broadband

  Cymro. 17:36 27 Feb 2007

I have had much the same sort of problem with the new BT Desktop Help. I lost such things as my BT Wireless Connection Manager. I was on the phone to their help line for one and a quarter hours. They did eventually fix the problems that were caused by my downloading the new Desktop Help but the Desktop Help no longer works. There is no way I am going to download it a second time as it is more bother than it is worth. The original BT Desktop Help was quite handy at times, but the new one is too risky for my to download.

  happyhotspur 19:37 27 Feb 2007

They promised me they would get back within 24 hours I feel like Diana Ross I'm still waiting!!

Not unusual for Bt Broadband Never been any help and thats usually after several hours talking to various people somewhere in India.

Last time I had a problem with them it was solved by the spotty kid in Maplins and never sorted by Bt.

absolutly usless

  Cymro. 12:03 28 Feb 2007

I don`t suppose that we are the only people that have

had problems with downloading the new BT Desktop Help

If there are any more out there let us know if you

have been able to sort it out and if so then how.

  steven_frost 18:37 06 Mar 2007

I hate the BT Desktop help software as it installs its on wirless network software which is a major pain as it hates my homehub i have uninstalled it and stick with the XP software which has never failed to work

  douglas1973 09:47 08 Mar 2007

I wouldn't bother worrying about the BT Desktop Help - it is a waste of time. You spend hours with people in India who don't understand your question and provide you with semi automated replies that have nothing to do with the subject. It has driven me bonkers! BT support is useless.

  douglas1973 14:38 26 Nov 2007

I now run Windows Vista and decided I would try installing BT Desktop Help again when I was alerted by BT on their website that I had not installed it! When I followed the appropriate link I was told that they did not yet have a version that runs on Vista but hopefully would have soon (or words to that effect). I would have thought they would know I was running Vista or am I asking for too much? Some 6 months or more have passed and still no Vista version. Who cares anyway?

  discombobulated 15:06 17 Jun 2010

And there was I thinking I was the only user having problems installing BT Desktop Help. I uninstalled/reinstalled many times only for an error massage about the installation not able to complete. I contacted India about an unrelated issue, but mentioned the DH problems and was told it was a long standing problem and that I should try again in a months time. Yep, you couldn't make it up!!
I changed from AOL in February - they're useless too - in a patriotic gesture to make British jobs for British workers. Some hope! Roll on next February when I'll find a much better alternative.

  proudfoot 20:15 26 Jun 2010

Anyone having problems with BT Broadband in particular but there is much to help for people using other ISPs is the site below.
click here

  onthelimit 21:00 26 Jun 2010

Come on - this thread is 3 yrs old!

  tullie 16:35 28 Jun 2010

Annoying isent it.

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