BT Broadband constantly disconnecting

  DUM 16:41 25 Oct 2004

Ahhhh I thought I would be better off with broadband than surftime. Having constant access and less disconnections. How wrong. All was fine for first month. Now - I connect and less than five minutes later I am disconnected. Driving me nuts especialy when in middle of converstation on MSN messenger.Contacted BT Broadband who talked me through various bits - had to un check the power saving bits for the Hubs???? (not that good when it comes to technical stuff) still got probs with disconnecting. BT Broadband are now checking the line and I should have results by 48 hours and have also contacted BT to test line - have got fault on line as well.
All should be complete within next few days but in mean time I still have to put up with constant disconnection. Anything I should check whilst I am waiting to see if the BT Broadband and BT line faults are the cause of my disconnection problems. (Can I have answers in easy to understand terms cos I aint very good with techie terms being a woman)

  curlylad 16:54 25 Oct 2004

O/S Please.

  DUM 16:59 25 Oct 2004

Sorry Windows XP - running BT Broadband Basix with voyager modem

  curlylad 17:10 25 Oct 2004

Couple of things to try.

Make sure your connection settings in IE and email account are set to never dial a connection and not set to hang up after receiving ....
This could also be a faulty router , or cable running between PC and router.Also I would do a full virus scan.

Also make sure you have a filter on every BT socket in the house that has a line plugged into it.Even if you have a phone plugged in somewhere else in the house this still has to have a filter on for the broadband to work properly.

  DUM 17:25 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for replying - not meaning to sound thick - can you explain as to how to check the connections - have looked before and found properties and advanced settings but there are so many diferent parts to look at that it gets confusing (hate admitting I am not good at computers when I spend so much time on them - its the techie stuff that gets confusing - blush)
Have done virus scan with McAfee, EZ trust and AVG and nothing found and also ran adaware and got rid of junk. Got two phones in house and got two filters connected.

  curlylad 17:47 25 Oct 2004

Don't worry about how much or little info you know about your PC , if you have a problem post here and people will help.Remember we all had to start somewhere and besides most people on here enjoy helping others.

Now to check your IE settings-Right click on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop , select properties , click the connections tab at the top and highlight the connection that you are using , click settings on the right hand side , click advanced bottom right hand corner , Now make sure the 'Disconnect is idle' box is NOT ticked , finally click OK .

  DUM 09:15 26 Oct 2004

Sorry for not getting back sooner but kept getting disconnected so many times last night that I decided to leave the computer alone.
The disconnect is idle box was not ticked.
On internet explorer properties - it was set to always dial the default location which is bt broadband. Have now ticked never dial a connection.
On outlook express - hang up after recieving was not ticked.
Still got disconnected this morning after about 5 minutes.
BT have asked me to unscrew phone socket and plug phone cable directly into socket to see if that makes any difference so will try that this morning.
I shall let you know how things are going.
Thanks for your help.

  DUM 09:48 26 Oct 2004

Still disconnecting - 3 times in last half hour

  Graham ® 09:53 26 Oct 2004

Have you got other devices using USB on the PC, apart from the Broadband modem?

  DUM 10:29 26 Oct 2004

Printer and scanner both use usb. Also got logitech cordless mouse and keyboard but not sure if that is usb unless I pull desk out to see.
These were all connected before I got broadband and the problems of disconnecting have only recently started

  DUM 10:40 26 Oct 2004

Have unscrewed phone socket like BT said and connected phone plug into other socket inside the box.
Have been online with no disconnections for nearly half hour. I shall let you no how long it lasts for but if this is the cause of the problem is it down to BT to fix it????

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