BT Broadband changing wireless channels remotely

  compumac 22:51 02 Apr 2012

I am with BT Broadband Option 1.

I have had a problem in that I am using a BT Home Hub 2 and have found that the wireless range was not as I had thought. I spoke with the BT Helpline over the phone who then claimed to have changed my wireless channel to channel 11 and the range did seem to have increased. I had thought that it was already on channel 11 but could not swear to that. I did not give remote control to the engineer and there was no action displayed on my screen whilst he was doing as he claimed.

Question:- Can the engineer have changed the channel whilst I was in conversation with him without giving him remote control and should I not have seen evidence on the screen of his actions?

  Taff™ 07:45 03 Apr 2012

It is possible to have remote access to most routers as you will see if you log into the router management. Usually the option is not available by default but I have never checked this with a BT HomeHub. Whether controlling a router remotely can be seen by the computer linked to it I'm not sure either.

It may be that BT do have remote access option for their routers. If they have your IP address, which they will have, in theory it is possible in the same way that you can log into any other computer that is on the internet. Providing you have the log in credentials.

  northumbria61 08:41 03 Apr 2012

You can check which wireless channel you are on by logging into your BT Router. Type into your Browser address bar - choose settings tab - wireless tab - scroll down and you will see your current wireless channel.

  compumac 08:49 03 Apr 2012


Thanks for your reply, but I did know that and I thought that I had it already set to channel 11 before the intervention of the Helpline although, as I said I cannot swear to that. Either way it would appear that I am able to use two laptops and a Tab further away than before from the Hub. I just find it strange that I was not aware of the remote change of channel without me seeing that actually happen.

Did he really change it?? It seems he must have done?

  northumbria61 12:02 03 Apr 2012

Did he really change it?? Can't really answer that but I imagine BT would be able to do that.

If you notice in your settings there is an option for Channel Select - mine is set to Automatic and my current channel is 7

Either way you have got an improvement in distance so no doubt you are pleased with that.

  compumac 12:58 03 Apr 2012


Yes quite pleased at the increased range, just curious as to how it was done without me actually seeing the change happening.

  spuds 19:47 03 Apr 2012

If they did it remotely, then you would have seen nothing. It is similar to having an ISP changing your profile, which you would not know about, until you checked the router.

  compumac 20:00 03 Apr 2012


BT do confirm that they are able to modify the setting on the Home Hub without you being aware of it.

I have the HomeHub 2 and today BT have increased the frequency to (so they say) give greater continuous range. They say that I would not be able to see any display reflecting that change in Hub Manager and I could find no reference to it in the Manager.

They have also stated that with the increase of the frequency there would be no advantage in obtaining the Home Hub 3 to replace the Home hub 2.

Any comments on that statement?

  compumac 21:36 03 May 2012

Update My BT Router wireless channel was positively set to channel 11. I have a Galaxy Tab and suddenly last night I lost the wireless connection until I placed the Tab almost on top of mt BT Home hub and I was connected again. This evening I found the wireless connection was channel 1.

This is the second time in a few weeks when the wireless channel had been changed from 11. What could cause that change without intentional intervention??

  Taff™ 07:37 04 May 2012

Friend of mine has a Virgin Media hub which I fully customised with his own SSID, Passwords and wireless channel. Twice in the past week it has mysteriously reset itself to default factory settings. Virgin suggested that a power surge could cause this but it's on a surge protected block. Their second gambit was that the router might be faulty and "a few customers have reported the same issue".

If when you checked originally the auto channel option was switched off and manually set to channel 11 and it is now running on auto (Which means the hub can change the channel on it's own) I would suspect it has reset itself. Either of the above might then apply. I would check this out by changing the SSID and see if it happens again.

  T0SH 19:31 04 May 2012

Not sure if it will explain your issue, but BT fairly regularly automatically update their home hub firmware, you can track the firmware version on the homehub landing page in the lower left corner as I seem to remember ?

So if you note the current version then set up to your preferred values, if it changes again and the firmare version has changed that could well be the answer

Cheers HC

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