BT Broadband basic and email

  Red Herring 23:38 28 Nov 2004

I will be installing BT BB basic for a friend. I appreciate that basic doesn't include an email account but can anyone advise whether using yahoo web mail (free account) and then setting up OE to the POP settings will enable send and receive email from OE?

Thanks in advance.

  sicknote 00:35 29 Nov 2004

Basic mail there is no Pop mail,but if you sign up for BT payasyougo and get a e-mail account you can then use that on B/B with O/E.

  ACOLYTE 00:48 29 Nov 2004

I think yahoo have stoped the free pop fowarding to OE you now have to pay for it,having said that i have had a yahoo account for years and im still able to get mine through OE6.I dont think you can send email from OE with a yahoo addy anyway as you would need to sign in first on yahoo itself the mail would just bounce.

  ChrisAnnSen 09:44 29 Nov 2004

I've got a similar system and have to pay for an email address from Yahoo! - BTYahoo Premium Mail. It's about £1.50 a month. (Strangly enough my email address is * - which is most confusing.)

  hinny 16:50 29 Nov 2004

I had the same problem. Do you have a hotmail address ?, if not you can easily get one from MSN. Then in Outlook Express mail options, nominate Hotmail as your default address, and you can then use that to send emails as computer programs usually send emails via OE. I found that when I worked on a photo and tried to send email it to someone, because I only had BT basic it would not go, so I tried the above and it was sent by OE using Hotmail (You can use BT basic for your main emails.
For my own ease, I removed BT from the mail options in OE and now everything works OK, saves £1.50 a month.
Hope you can understand this. Cheers

  Red Herring 23:14 29 Nov 2004

I will be installing later in the week and let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  Red Herring 22:06 06 Dec 2004

. is not recognised by BT, so looks like I'll have to go the hotmail route.

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