parkhead 17:52 24 Oct 2008


I currently pay £15-99 per month for BT Broadband - 8MB speed, 10GB per month. I never have any difficulty with the service unless I have to 'phone them about anything - BT has never quite managed to master the art of 'phone communications.

I know that one could spend years researching this and I am not looking to save 2-3 pound per month. But, before I enter into a new 12 month contract I thought I would just run a wee check to make sure there was no one out there offering a superb service at half the price.

I am not in a SKY broadband area but my two children are in a flat they share. Is Sky broadband any good?

Many thanks.

  Fingees 18:25 24 Oct 2008

I am with BT, but only enter a new 12 month contract if I am getting something extra, for free or reduced rate.

I normally just continue using them, and pay, without having to sign up for any particular lenth of time.

Hence if I want to change isp, i would simply get a new mac number, to enable me to change.

  Bertie B 19:32 24 Oct 2008

I was considering changing to Sky but have read the odd disturbing comment about sustained connectivity. I have been with BT for years and agree that whilst telephoning them is a nightmare, as an ISP they are pretty reliable.

I have found that if you ask BT for a PAC number to leave them they will negotiate with you to provide a lower minthly cost rather than lose you.

  woodchip 19:42 24 Oct 2008

I have been on TalkTalk 2 for over a year, From BT-NTL connection best move I ever made Saves a bundle and free Evening and weekend calls and about 36 countries free. No quarterly BT bill plus ISP as Was paying. Most I have ever paid is my latest bill £19 for the month normally about £17

plus 50Gb download cap

  Confab 19:42 24 Oct 2008

O2 are probably the best for speed, service and reliability. I switched a good few months ago and get a steady 12Meg uncapped download for just £10 per month.

Have a look here to make even more of a saving.

click here

You will not regret making the switch.


  Kevscar1 19:47 24 Oct 2008

Been with sky for many years never had any problems except at very begining and they sent a new router with 4 days.
£10 gets upto 16mb in some areas, mine runs at 5.5 and unlimited downloads.
Acording to a recent survey by Broadabnd checker they come out on top.

  yaesu 23:30 24 Oct 2008

Hi, I recently switched from BT to Sky's £5 monthly package and haven't had any problems except an initial refusal to accept my choice of password. Quickly sorted when I found it had to start with an upper case letter and end with a number,weird or what?
I'm satisfied, regards, yaesu.

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