BT and Broadband

  lahorie 08:55 22 Mar 2005

Hi All

My friend whose recently moved out had broadband using BT light user scheme i.e incoming calls only. He has since taken this connectin with him. When i enquired about braodband with my current ISP, they sid i should speak with BT as there seemed to be a problem with the line. When i spoke iwth BT they asid i needed to have a basic telephone srevice ie both ways in order to have broadband.

Is this the case??? My mate worked quite happily on broadband with incoming calls only. ARE bt PULLING A FAST ONE or so i really need a basic phone service.

Any suggestions appreciated.


  Graham ® 09:17 22 Mar 2005

I think your friend was telling porkies. BT do not do 'incoming calls only' on residential lines.

  Graham ® 09:21 22 Mar 2005

There should be no connection charge if you are taking over an existing line.

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