BT Broadband.

  Gugs 23:37 10 Jul 2004

As BT broadband is now available in his area (Suffolk) one of our sons has arranged to upgrade from dial-up. This should have happened in the last few days but there is apparently some hold-up. Said son is under the impression that he has been told that his OS, 98SE,(or ME which he tried after 98SE failed,) is not capable of,or suitable for,connection with BT Broadband.
I find this very hard to believe but perhaps someone out there could put me straight.
His PC is getting on a bit. Is there any limitations with regard to CPU speed?.

  sicknote 23:50 10 Jul 2004

This might help you with min requirements for a B/B with BT click here

  hillybilly 23:53 10 Jul 2004

I have made about 30 connection over the past six months with various ISP's and never had any major problem with 98se or ME, but when has been a hiccup it does seem to be one of the standard suggestions from them that B/B does not run well on 98SE. That's just not true. Having said that they all have minimum CPU speed, which I think is a P160, so if your son is running a PII or better then it should be fine.

  end 00:02 11 Jul 2004

my "dip in"...I have Win 98se on here and BT Broadband; so far no problems " to write home about".......

  Gugs 00:40 11 Jul 2004

Thanks for responses x cheers.

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