BT Broadband

  wobbler 22:53 20 Sep 2003

I currently have a BT Broadband 4 port router connected directly to BT's cable and 4 PC's connected to this router. I am having connection problems to BT, but the local network works great. When connecting to the internet from any of the PC's the connection is very intermittent. BT say there is no problem!! Is it possible for me to buy a replacement 4 port router or do I have to get BT's products?

  madPentium 23:09 20 Sep 2003

BT routers are actually quite good and reliable.
BUT, I wouldnt run computers directly from it, it isnt very good as a hub and I think they only run at 10mb instead of 100mb.
Get a nice 5 port netgear switching hub and then connect your 4 computers into this. Then run another lead from the router into the netgear port which is labelled auto detect uplink.
You will be suprised at the network speed difference.

  wobbler 11:55 21 Sep 2003

But the networking is working fine. It s just the Bt broadband link that is very slow or not conected at times.

  kinger 22:15 21 Sep 2003

click here

click here

Try MTU Tweeker from BT (free download)

The Broadband optimiser speeds up your connection by altering 'insider' settings.

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