BT BB or Telewest BB?

  swapper 13:09 24 Jul 2006

It has been suggested to me that I should move from BT Broadband to Telewest Broadband/Telephone etc.
Any comments please? I could save quite a bit of cash if I did, but I wonder about the service.


  VoG II 13:10 24 Jul 2006

Telewest service is excellent. I've had TV and phone since the mid 90s and cable broadband since 2001.

  ArrGee 14:52 24 Jul 2006

Worth looking out for the BT Sky BB battle. Rumours suggest BT may end up going 'free' as well. I've had BT for a number of years now and it's been just fine.

  swapper 15:08 24 Jul 2006

VoG™, thank you.

ArrGee, I have had BT for some years myself now, and I have had a very good service also. but the Telewest package seems very good.

  De Marcus™ 15:30 24 Jul 2006

Telewest service is superb imo. As is the broadband speed, TV and phone. click here and find out for yourself regarding them as an isp.

  ianeon 15:41 24 Jul 2006

Here on Tyneside, Telewest is miles better than BT, you can also get some good package deals from them

  Furkin 23:11 24 Jul 2006

I find B.T fine,,, when it's working,,,,, but customer service leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, actually none existant at times.
Was considering V21,,,, till now,,,, I can't even access their site !

cheers all

  pac73 23:18 24 Jul 2006

Ive had telewest for 8 months now,both phone and bb.And i have to say i cant fault them on anything.

  User-312386 23:35 24 Jul 2006

I have had there 10mb service for ages and am so impressed

There tech support is second to none and its an 0845 number 23:44 24 Jul 2006

you quote "There tech support is second to none and its an 0845 number"
How do you know that, if the service is so good?

I don't know what BT's tech support is like, because in all the years I've been with them I've never had to use it!

That's how I judge a service.

  josie mayhem 23:47 24 Jul 2006

I find BT very good, when I had to phone support even though the department that I really needed wasn't answering the phone, the person who I speak to (dave) asked what the problem actualy was, and from his own eperience could sort me out any way.....

Sadly I don't have the advange of telewest or any other comapany that provide cable television as well in my area so I can't comment on that part.

But it does sicken me, I get all the adverts on the telly about combaining telly/BB/phone service at a good rate..... :-((((

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