BT BB and OE email's

  Morpheus? 09:00 23 Nov 2003

hi all...of late the outlook express part of IE6, running win98se and a BT broadband connection, is taking ages to connect to check for emails, it has been like it for the last 3 or 4 days, the internet connection side of things works ok, anyone else having trouble? or is there anything i can check or repair.........thanks

  Bagsey 09:09 23 Nov 2003

I have been having the same as you and have found that by opening IE6 first then reducing it so that I can get at the email icon it works straight away. Dont know why this is but it works????? Any advice appreciated.

  Morpheus? 09:22 23 Nov 2003

hi, i have the OE icon on the task bar, another thing i have noticed is that while it is taking it's time checking for mail nothing else can be clicked, if i have it on full screen, minimize can not be clicked on, well you can click it but nothing happens till it has finished looking for mail..........hope that makes sense.


  Bagsey 12:03 24 Nov 2003

I have been having a problem which I believe could be linked with this, MAYBE?? I think that the BTYahoo browser is a bit(LOT) flakey and causes a number of problems. One of which is click here
If I use IE6 as the front end I dont get this problem and the mail pickup is almost instantaneous.

BT do appear to be having lots of problems with their mail servers at the moment. Quite a few forums have threads running on the same issue.

The BT Yahoo browser is as flakey as flakey can get. I ended up removing it from my system after Yahoo admitted that it was only a trial version and that we are all being used to Beta test it. I'd wait for the real version to come out some time next year. Once the software had been removed, all the problems I had been having with my system went away.

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