BT BB keeps disconnecting

  roygbiv 12:34 13 Jun 2005

Help BT support dosent help !!

Had BB since 26 May working fine until last Thursday. Now it dissconects every few minutes, have to try and reconnect 3-4 times, with varios errors (734). Have re-installed software (to same result,) made sure there is NO programs running or OE dosent hang up after send/rec.

  stlucia 12:44 13 Jun 2005

I posted today relating to similar problems which started sometime last week for me. click here
Maybe there's something in Djohn's reply that will help you.

  WallyD 12:54 13 Jun 2005

Cheers stluciaI . Maybe its sods law as i,ve been working now for an hour but I,m certain thats if I keep changing sites then I,ll bomb
many thanks

  roygbiv 13:08 13 Jun 2005

Thanks (as well)

Done all it advises bbut still disconecting.

  roygbiv 09:27 14 Jun 2005

It seems as if the modem Gets too warm, and then cuts out (this problem has been mentioned on the web!)

While data is continuos (in/out) the conection seems to stay on ?? as soon as data stops, the conection drops!!

  roygbiv 09:43 14 Jun 2005

ah well, got disconnected after 12 minutes with radio playing (to keep data flowing).
The modem was very warm to thec touch, after a few minutes use will have to notify BT or buy my own.
During posting this modem discoinnected twice!!

  wee eddie 09:52 14 Jun 2005

Have you disconnected /removed your old Modem.

My Voyager 205 has been steady as a rock. However, initially had several problem disconnections the BB Help program eventually did whatever was necessary.

Touch wood, I have not had an involuntary disconnection since that first couple of weeks was over.

  roygbiv 10:00 14 Jun 2005

BT Voyager 105,
I have moved the USB plug to a USB socket (into a socket on a Belkin USB2 / firewire PCI card) to see if that makes a difference (I have been told "that USB/power issue's have been known" anyway, didnt work as the connection droped out within 45 secs.

  wee eddie 10:06 14 Jun 2005

or do you use the normal Start-up Icon

  roygbiv 10:10 14 Jun 2005

usually use start-conect to -BT Broadband.

just used this procedure and disconected after 4 mins

  wee eddie 10:16 14 Jun 2005

If you have accidentally deleted it, it should be available either on the disk or the Home Page somewhere.

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