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  zmx 20:39 10 Jul 2007

Hi all, I'm having some problems with internet speed.

I'm with BT Broadband and for around a year I used a BT Voyager 205 Router with no problems at all. Then when I upgraded to 8Mb I switched to BT Home Hub which was a very big mistake on my behalf as I've never experienced such a dire/more fustrating piece of hardware and encountered many problems. Decided to switch back to my trusty Voyager on sunday but since then my connection is unbelieveably slow at times, takes a long time to load pages - especially when I first boot up. Mainly stuck at 'connecting to click here'

More annoyingly is I'm unable to play Counter-Strike as the latency is ridiculously high - varying from 80-600, making the game unplayable and annoying considering I used to sit at around 20. Anyone know why I'm encountering these problems? I've tried ringing up BT which I find is even more unfuriating as I can't understand a word they're saying. I managed to just about understand trying to connect the router to the test socket under the main socket panel - but there isn't one! Besides the dsl light is always on but it's just speeds that are a problem. Also tried the quiet line which was silent. I've also tried another 205 voyager, micro-filters and cables.

Cheers in advance.

  Dipso 21:41 10 Jul 2007

You connection has probably been totally messed up by the Home Hub.

Can you post your line stats from your router click here and take this test click here (keep trying if you get an error as it gets busy) and post the results.

  zmx 22:57 10 Jul 2007

Intructions for Voyager 205 are

Click on Start, then Run. Enter the following in the Run box:


then press OK. A black box will appear. It should ask you for the username, which is admin and press enter.

Enter your password when prompted and press enter.

You are now logged in. Type the following in to the box:

get dsl params and press enter.


I open it up, type admin for login but when it asks me for password It wont let me type anything - so I just click enter but it says login failed :S

BT Speed test results:

IP profile for your line is - 2500 kbps
DSL connection rate: 64 kbps(UP-STREAM) 2880 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 2212 kbps

Thanks for your help.

  tonybob6 10:54 11 Jul 2007

Hi, I recently had problems from changing from my trusty BT voyager 210 to the wireles home hub, took three weeks to get an engineer out to tell me that there was too much interference! phone extension was routed past my mains / other electricals and speed dropped from 8mb to 1mb, then just to top it off, even a wireless connection at 36m to the pc was dropping off, assuming more intereference and BT's wireless being really crap, dropped to 0.1mb!! Even the engineer says he has his home hub wired in, so thats what I have done and now my original speed is back (5.5m!!) Needed to install from the cd again and choose the wired route.....hope this helps anyone who had similar problems

  Dipso 16:31 11 Jul 2007

I don't really know what else to advise re: getting at your line stats. Reconnecting the Hub would get them but that's not advisable.

At least you managed to get the profile information. That seems OK, your profile of 2500 is correct for your connection speed of 2880kbps. However connecting at such a low speed indicates that you are either a fair distance from the telephone exchange or your line is very noisy. Have you any idea how far from the exchange you are? Otherwise this could give you an idea click here

In any case you should be able to download at speeds of at least 2 Meg so browsing should be quick.

What speed were you on before you upgraded to 8 Meg?

  zmx 17:17 11 Jul 2007

You are around 110 metres from your exchange (as the crow flies).

And I was on 2mb.

  Dipso 21:30 11 Jul 2007

If you could get 2 Meg then you should be able to get at least 5 Meg on ADSL Max.

I would guess...that's all I can do without the stats...that the problems you had when using the Hub have caused your target noise margin to increase which has the effect of decreasing your connection speed. If this is the case it will probably take a good few weeks to sort itself out.

You say you don't have a test socket but what wires are connected to the main socket?

  zmx 22:09 11 Jul 2007

Just phone, into microfilter - which obviously leads into socket.

Upstairs is Router, into microfilter into another socket.

  zmx 22:10 11 Jul 2007

Just phone, into microfilter - which obviously leads into socket.

Upstairs is Router, into microfilter into another socket.

Thankyou for your help btw, I will try work on getting those line stats.

Do you think it's worth getting a BT technition round to have a look? Because I can't be sure it will sort itself out.

  Dipso 22:19 11 Jul 2007

You have to be careful that the problem isn't at your end as BT may charge you handsomely if the fault turns out to be with your internal wiring.

Is connecting the router to the downstaris socket out of the question...if you could do this and your stats improved it would identify your extension as the problem.

I've found another way of getting the stats, try this -

Access router via click here

under Troubleshooting >
Advanced Diagnostics >
DSL Param

the line stats should be avavilable there.

  zmx 11:16 12 Jul 2007

Pretty much so, though as a last resort I may have to try it.

The stats:

DSL Parameters and Status
Vendor ID: 00B5GSPN
Revision Number: Y1921a
Serial Number: 123456789abcdx
Local Tx Power: 11.34 dB
Remote Tx Power: 17.40 dB
Local Line Atten.: 29.5 dB
Remote Line Atten.: 31.5 dB
Local SNR Margin: 16.0 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 7.0 dB
Self Test: Passed
DSL Standard: G.dmt
Trellis Coding: Enable
Framing Structure: Framing-3

Config Data Up Down
Intrlvd Fast Intrlvd Fast
AS0(kbps): - - 2976 0
AS1(kbps): - - 0 0
LS0(kbps): 96 0 - -
LS1(kbps): 0 0 - -
RValue: 16 0 14 0
SValue: 16 2
DValue: 2 32

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