BT 8meg broadband problems

  FakeMoustache 23:46 25 Jul 2006

Hello, I reciently went from 2 meg to 8 meg with BT. Since doing so, from 8pm onward each night I have frequent disconncets during which time no data is being sent. I had a ping going with google and one with my router and only the one with google was TIMED OUT. This is annoying as if im playing an online game I get disconncted from the server. Im cabled to my D-Link router. This never happened with my 2 meg. I rang BT and they said it was something that 'Just happens with 8 meg and that some users get disconnceted all day'. THis sounds like complete Bull. But as Im not an expert on internet I could argue. It doesnt make sence however that people would pay more for a worse service. Any thoughts or advice would be good.

  ArrGee 00:00 26 Jul 2006

With the information that you have given, it sounds that BT maybe right. They do not have full 8mb capability in all of their exchanges, and down-size services for short periods of time until the exchange has enough capability to serice its customers - (not my view, just what a BT engineer told me.) However, they can easily sustain a constant 2mb for subscribers to that level. I'm in the same boat as you!

However, in defence of BT, have you made sure your drivers are up-to-date?

  wbiggchiefy 00:05 26 Jul 2006

this is also something that tends to happen at peak times say 5pm-11pm is peak time for BT so prob best to avoid during those hours for anything except surfin if u try to downloa anyting in tjhose time slots I reckon your b/width will be strangled

  FakeMoustache 00:59 26 Jul 2006

Yeah I have the latst firmware on my router and my pc is all up to date. Wish BT would get a move on and sort it out. Even had a Cat5 cable put through the walls as I thought it was my wireless. Hmm

  Graham ® 08:57 26 Jul 2006

If possible, temporarily connect the router to the inner socket of the BT master socket by removing the lower section of the face plate. This should disconnect all extension wiring. See if the disconnections are affected.

  Bagsey 09:53 26 Jul 2006

I think that you will find that it is a BT problem. I have it every night from 10pm to 11pm. I have moaned at Bt but they try to push the blame away from them. My system works all day without problems but at 10pm ???? Which is a pest. Have you ever noticed how many ebay sales end at 10 pm. I have missed two slide copiers because my computer went off line at the crucial bidding moment. ;-(( I NEVER had this trouble on my old 2meg connection.

  FakeMoustache 09:59 26 Jul 2006

I dont really want to disconncet wires that I dont know much about thanks though. Im not an expert and would probs put it back wrong:P. Now that I know Im not the only one its a little relief. I dont get it. Ill just have to keep moaning.

Thanks everyone.

  Graham ® 12:39 26 Jul 2006

You do not have to disconnect any wires - they remain connected to the lower section of the faceplate, which simply plugs back in when you are finished.

  Dipso 21:27 26 Jul 2006

Are you beyond the 10 day testing period?

This may help/reassure you about connecting to the test socket. click here

Do you know how to obtain your line stats from your router? They may give a clue to the reason for your disconnections.

Do you know of anything that happens at the time the disconnections start e.g. hot water coming on?

  josie mayhem 22:17 26 Jul 2006

the same as Dipso, are you still in the first ten days, where they are working out you stable speed?

This might be effected by the fact that over the weekend they did have problems with their service, at one stage we counldn't even get onto the net, then we could get on, but couldn't get e-mail or there site (also your personal page) but since monday almost everything was back up and runing... that is with the exception of your personal front page, but well I can life with out that....

But if you are worried give there support a phone, when I needed there help I found them very good, the chap who resloved my issue (because he right department wasn't answering) solved my prblems within less than 30 seconds...

  FakeMoustache 22:47 26 Jul 2006

Cool, can you tell me what number you rang. They have so many it takes an age to get anywhere. Ive had 8 meg for over a month.

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