BT 8MB Broadband.

  TonyAA 09:28 24 Apr 2006

I have been on this service for a week and my line test is as follows.---"Your computer downloaded the file at a speed of 2.598 megabits per second. We consider this to be within the range of acceptable speeds for your line length, bearing in mind that speed varies during the day etc."

This test was done before the line really gets busy during the day.I live 800metres from the exchange so to get anywhere near the 8MB speed I think I would have to sit on the exchange roof with a laptop.The welcome pack with the phone adaptor never arrived as promised so I cannot use the FREE Talk service so the extra money I am paying is wasted and to put it mildly the overall service I am receiving from BT stinks.

  JoeC 09:43 24 Apr 2006

I joined on 20th April. The literature I got said it would take up to 1 hour to get the fastest speed and in rare cases 24 hours.

I was on 2Mb before and was getting around the 1.9 download mark. With the "up to 8Mb" I am getting the same speed, although BT said I would get about 6.5Mb when I checked on their website.
I phoned and emailed BT and was told to "wait 5 days" and get back to them if things had not improved. A help line guy even said they allow up to 10 days for the speed to get up to its highest. I am still running around the 1.5 to 1.9 mark so may phone them tomorrow.

  €dstowe 09:59 24 Apr 2006

I was connected up this morning. I am zooming along - I know that by the increased download speeds I am getting but the ADSL Guide speed test tells me that my speed isn't much better than it was on 2Mb.

  Ikelos 10:17 24 Apr 2006

get my upgraded on the 26th, at the moment i am on 2mb, they say it should be, when it is done, 4.5mb...........time will tell

  ACOLYTE 10:25 24 Apr 2006

Mine due to be done tommorow,at the minute it is still 2Mb,so will have to see what happens.

  TonyAA 10:53 24 Apr 2006

After 40mins on the phone to BT they have discovered they forgot to order the Talk welcome pack for me.They said they will do nothing about line speed until the 10 days are up and then they will decide how fast a speed they will give you related to noise on line etc, etc. can't remember all the technical terms that had to be taken into consideration.Did not sound to hopefull about any great speed increase.

  Ikelos 11:00 24 Apr 2006

just hope we have not all been taken on.

it is not looking good :-(

  €dstowe 11:08 24 Apr 2006

"just hope we have not all been taken on."

I'm not dissatisfied but, in any case, there is no cost implication above was was being paid for a 2Mb service.

  Ikelos 11:33 24 Apr 2006

that i do realize, but, we have signed up for another 12 months, mind you, the chance of me going with another provider is about nil :-)

  Confab 12:15 24 Apr 2006

A couple of points to bear in mind.

After your line has been upgraded there follows a 10 day period where your line will be set to the best possible speed depending on your distance from the exchange and line noise etc. During this period you may experience fluctuations in speed or some loss of service. It appears that BT will not do any further investigation until this 10 period is up.

Some modems will not support 8mb speed. I had to replace my old Speedtouch USB as this was the case, even with a firmware update and registry tweak it couldn’t support 8mb so I bought a Voyager 240.

My line is being upgraded tomorrow and BT say I should get between 6.5 and 8mb (I’m only 400m from the exchange and have a BT faceplate fitted). I’ll see how things go in the next 10 days.


  Confab 12:18 24 Apr 2006

Another thing to check is your MTU size, My ISP says that it should be set to 1458 although I’m not sure how relevant this is.


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