BT 8MB Broadband

  Colin 16:18 17 Apr 2006

Is anyone using the new BT 8MB Broadband yet? I upgraded from their 2MB service to it and my activation date was scheduled for Thursday 13 April, the day the Welcome Pack was supposed to arrive. I got home from work on Thursday evening to find that I couldn't access the internet and no Welcome Pack had arrived. When I try to log in I get the message "Error 691: Access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain." I have re-entered my user name & password and I have a solid green ADSL light on my modem and on checking the modems diagnostics receive is listed as 8124 kbits/sec and transmit as 448 kbits/sec so I gather that my line has been upgraded. I rang the order telephone number but they are only open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and not Bank Holidays. I contacted the technical number who could only tell me that my account had not been activated and that I would need to speak to the billing department on Tuesday. Obviously, I’m very disappointed with this and cannot understand why the line has been upgraded but my new account has not been activated. I also do not know if I should have received a Welcome Pack as I am a current account holder. Maybe this contains new software, I don’t know. I have borrowed my son’s laptop to send this message.

  Colin 16:46 17 Apr 2006

After trawling through the BT Broadband help pages, I saw that the username ending has been changed from "" to "". I imagine this information would be in the Welcome Pack, but I don't know why the technical section didn't tell me. Anyway, now to some high speed surfing!

  Jimmy14 16:51 17 Apr 2006

do you still pay for the 2mb broadband but get upgraded to 8mb free of charge?

  Colin 18:31 17 Apr 2006

Yes. It's the same price, but you have to upgrade via the BT Broadband website - you don't get it automatically. See my thread click here

  Jimmy14 18:43 17 Apr 2006

thanks I understand now

  The Spires 09:58 18 Apr 2006

A friend of mine who upgraded to 8 meg last week wasn't emailed or informed of the upgrade, despite being told she would be. BT give a good service but are lacking in this regard as to communication.

  ACOLYTE 11:44 18 Apr 2006

I have registered for this over the phone,i am due to be upgraded on the 25th of this month,i did ask about router,but they told me that my current modem a voyager 100 would work with the new speeds so i didn't need any new equipment,and its the same price i pay now for 2Mb.

  jolorna 13:37 18 Apr 2006

reading your post's you say there was no price increase, im still waiting for a email from bt, i rang them today to see whats happening and they said to go to the site to upgrade but it would cost me a extra £2.00 per month

  terryf 13:44 18 Apr 2006

Shouda gone to Eclipse, monthly contract, 1st month free when transferring, lots of technical info available on website, 8 Mb

  jolorna 13:54 18 Apr 2006

haven't done it yet but my last contract for the 2mb speed increase doesn't expire untill mid next month, so i cant even ask for my mac code yet

  pokemom 14:17 18 Apr 2006

and if you live to far from the exchange like me you only get 1/2 meg for same price as you guys pay for 8 meg ,even though I AM entitled to it cause i live ( dont know something to do with the length of the line)i cant get it ,and thaTS absolute PANTS

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