BSODs, rebooting, help!

  herbie53 22:51 26 Jun 2010

Hi there, I am trying to fix a PC which will not boot anything successfully. (Celeron)

After upgrading the ram from 512mb DDR PC2700 and adding a 1GB DDR PC2700 stick, XP would not boot, and got stuck at the loading screen (with the bars). Taking the new ram out did not remedy this. Now any boot disk will not run successfully with either stick of ram. BartPE (was running earlier but will now not run, freezing at different points in the boot process), Windows XP (BSODs or reboots), and memtest86+ (did start to run then parts of the screen became garbled). Before adding the 1GB stick this system ran fine. I have tried booting from boot disks without the hard drive in, to no effect. I have slaved the hard drive, copied important data from it and reformatted.

All I want to do is install XP!

I have tried both sticks in both slots, has the new ram damaged the motherboard in some way?

  herbie53 22:52 26 Jun 2010

I have also run a scandisk (before formatting on BartPE) - no errors were found

  rdave13 23:02 26 Jun 2010

Sounds as the motherboard has failed.

  ICF 07:59 27 Jun 2010

Did you wear an anti static wrist band or earth youself in some way before touching the internals of your PC?

  herbie53 09:19 27 Jun 2010

Yes, I used an antistatic wrist band connected to the house's earth.

I've now put in a stick of 1GB PC3200 which is higher than this machine takes, but I have read it is backwards compatible.

It now passes memory tests and succeeds in booting the XP cd, and I was able to choose which partition to install to and the files were copied over.
The computer then reboots and freezes on the stage where when the CD is selected as a boot device it says 'Boot from CD:'.

I have selected the hard drive as a boot device!

Any ideas?

  gengiscant 09:48 27 Jun 2010

Have you changed tthe boot sequence to cd first?
Did you then run a repair instal or are you stuck at the boot from cd?
Is keyboard working?
Do you have a spare harddrive on which to install xp?

  herbie53 10:00 27 Jun 2010

This PC has the facility to press F8 at boot and choose a boot device. I pressed F8 and selected the CD drive to boot XP install.

The boot order is Hard drive, CD, Disabled.

I am trying to do a clean install, it formats the hard drive and copies the Windows files over, then reboots and hangs when it should display the XP screen.

The keyboard is working.

I don't have one I can easily free up, but I am fairly sure at this stage that there isn't a problem with the hard drive, I had it slaved to another PC (the jumpers are now correct) and there was no problem copying data off it, then formatting it in that machine.


  herbie53 10:04 27 Jun 2010

It's now working, faulty XP disk was the cause!
Thank you very much!

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