BSOD's 4,5 or 6 Times A Day

  The Paul 11:43 10 Jan 2013

Hi, I have been getting BSOD's over the last 4-6 weeks but not too frequently. Over the last week or so they are now hitting me 4, 5 or 6 times each day. I’ve researched both here and the web in general but nothing I have found has helped resolve this. The BSOD's indicate the following reasons - IRQLNOTLESSOREQUAL - PAGEFAULTINNONPAGEDAREA - PFNLISTCORRUPT - MEMORYMANAGEMENT. I have recently, maybe the last 3 months or so, added 4GB Crucial Memory (2 x 2GB modules), a SanDisk 128GB SSD from which I now boot and an ASUS LCD Monitor. I have been told that the problem was faulty memory module/s so I called Crucial who have, kindly, taken them back and will send 2 new ones. But guess what, the BSOD's continue. Please help me as I cannot figure this mess out. I have been copying the Windows Has Recovered From A Serious Error messages but they don’t mean a thing to me. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards. Paul

  The Paul 14:33 29 Jan 2013

Update time - no cables arrived as yet so I scrounged a PSu from someone which had only 20 pins and was only 240Watt BUT it booted up the computer. It looked good for a minute and then ------------ BSOD. So, I guess we can rule out the PSU. Ive left it running to see if it has any more BSOD's but I would be surprised if it doesnt happen again. Thermal paste ordered and new MoBo will go in as soon as it arrives.

Fingers crossed. Regards. Paul

  The Paul 15:42 29 Jan 2013

Hi Chronos the 2nd The 400Watt PSU which I had wont work. I did get it to plug in okay, after quite a few attempts, but when I connected everything up to the MoBo and the HDD it wouldnt do a thing. This is why I tried to get the lend of another PSU. When I set up the borrowed PSU, which has a 20 pin connection, it fired up straight away But I still got BSOD's.

I think, not that I have any expertise, that its time to go for the new ASRock MoBo and run with it. If its not that and not the PSU then Im stuffed I guess. Crucial have sent me the replacement memory modules so its more or less a new PC except the CPU I suppose. Not much left to go wrong really is there?

Do you mean the rugby weekend? We, Ulster, won in France for the first time in any competition so YES we had a brilliant weekend. Thanks for asking. How's the desk coming on? :-)

  The Paul 21:03 29 Jan 2013

You obviously love your system and its surroundings Chronos the 2nd. Enjoy my friend.

  bumpkin 15:57 03 Feb 2013

Hi Paul, how are you progressing with this?

  The Paul 17:11 03 Feb 2013

VOILA - C'est incroyable aujourd'hui. Firstly Italy have just beaten the favourites for the 6 Nations, France, and we have just installed the new MoBo and the new RAM from Crucial and its PERFECTTTTTTTTTTT.

A HUGE thank you to everyone, but with a little more to my new Edinburgh friend Chronos the 2nd for all you fantastic input, advice and support. Thank you all. Im really very chuffed and able to get back to normal.

  The Paul 17:13 03 Feb 2013

By the way do I close this thread or is that done by the Forum Editor?

  The Paul 18:36 03 Feb 2013

And it was ticked. Thanks Chronos the 2nd for all your help. Im assuming youre a young Scots lad and if so your team did well yesterday against a very young and in form England. The future is looking better for Scottish rugby. Good luck to you and the desk :-)Thanks again. Al the best. Paul.

  The Paul 06:03 06 Feb 2013

Oh well, you may as well be a Scotsman after 35 years. I wont post you this weekend after we do damage to the Red Roses in Dublin ;-)

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