BSOD but with two different reasons?

  the old man 09:19 02 Jun 2008

Morning people.
Need help desperately. Over the last few days have lost all use of windows media player and cannot reinstall because what is on computer is newer than download. Then I have had two instances of the dreaded BSOD.
First time the error was to do with fltmgr.sys and the second time the error was to do with ntkrn1pa.exe.
I have tried to do repair startup and mem diagnostic but to no avail.
Have gone into safe mode but checks have not helpled.

  rawprawn 09:30 02 Jun 2008

Good morning the old man
Have you tried"Last known good configuration"

  johndrew 09:56 02 Jun 2008

For the first problem I have managed to find this click here which may help.

The second has almost no hits and those that exist appear to be originally in Chinese!! The only suggestion there is to `Disable Signature Enforcement` for the file which may not work in this instance.

I think that the best suggestion is that made by rawprawn if you can. If not or it doesn`t work then post again.

  the old man 10:21 02 Jun 2008

I have had the 'last good configuration' option once whilst the problems have been happening. Usually I get the three Safe Mode options or to start windows normally. Have had the 'repair computer' option a few times. This morning I was doing the mem diagnostic test and the computer locked after going through about 8%.

  johndrew 14:07 02 Jun 2008

Might sound daft, but have you checked to ensure all your internal connections to drives etc. and RAM contacts are good?

It may also be worth running sfc scannow / to see if you have any bad files and do an error check on your drives.

  the old man 18:13 02 Jun 2008

Not daft at all. All connections are good. Just tried to install runscanner from your link. Installs ok but when I go to run it I get an error message with code 740. Strangely though it runs from the desktop shortcut. Mmmmmmmm.
Anyway when it runs it says there are 210 registry errors. Obviously with trial version it will only repair 15. Some of the errors have previously been identified as issues through CCleaner and were supposed to have been sorted. Mmmmmmm
Will try and do a repair install to see if any dodgy drivers are cleaned and repaired.

  brundle 18:21 02 Jun 2008

Blue screen errors are very rarely solved by registry scanners/cleaner.

fltmgr.sys related to HD problems, run a check as suggested, the second possibilty a result of the first if a file was corrupted

  the old man 09:13 03 Jun 2008

Managed to get up and running a couple of times last night and this morning. Have so far had another BSOD's. One to do with fltmgr.sys and the other two were to do with memory management. Because the screen disappears so quickly I have not been able to see anymore info. Have only been able to make out the first couple of lines before computer reboots.
Have again checked seating of memory and it is fine.
Should I take out modules one by one to see which one may be causing the problem, if indeed it is to do with memory modules or should I get some new memory. Modules I have in computer are about 12 months old. Built system with barebones from Novatech.

  johndrew 10:06 03 Jun 2008

If you have checked connections it is a bit pointless doing it again unless you really think you missed something.

As brundle says fltmgr.sys is a good MS file related to HDD operation. If the drive has faults it will cause both problems you are experiencing. I suggest you run the file and drive checks and if the problem continues go to the drive manufacturers site and download the drive checking software. This normally needs to be installed on a bootable floppy or CD and takes a while to run. Make certain you backup everything important first as I ran the Seagate tools and it pushed my drive over the edge into failure (it was under warranty though).

You could also download and run MemTest86+ click here if you think your memory is suspect - which doesn`t appear likely at the moment.

Novatech have a good reputation, as far as I`m aware, so another option is to speak with them - especially if any of the parts are still in warranty. The date of failure report is the date you contact them even if it takes longer for the faulty item to fail fully and goes outside of whatever warranty you have.

  the old man 07:33 05 Jun 2008

I have done all that has been suggested and no errors appear. The only one I have not done is MemTest86+ as the website is so confusing. How many options??????? I just don't know which one to click on. All sounds very complicated for me as well.

So all in all everything seems ok. Obviously it isn't and I am still baffled.
BTW, if the hdd does go 'pop' it will be the third one in succession. One died completely, second one was rescued and is now used in a 'bastardised' system for the cleaner in work whose son uses it for college. Two you can accept but three hdd's going 't*ts up' is not right.

  johndrew 09:37 05 Jun 2008

I am rapidly running out of ideas which may either show or cause the symptoms.

Do you have temperature problem? You could try Everest Home Free click here and see what temperatures you have for case, CPU, HDD, etc. If your HDD is running hot it will cause premature failure.

What HDD are you using? For two to fail in a short time says something is far from right.

As for MemTest86+, if you go to the link and scroll to `Download (Pre-built & ISOs)` and `Memtest86+ V2.01 (21/02/2008)` you can use either the `pre-compiled bootable` if you want to boot from CD, or if you have a floppy drive, or `pre-compiled package for floppy (DOS - Win). From these you can make your bootable media (usually a help file in the package to help you). You should then boot your PC tapping F8 to get to boot options and select the drive you have put the disk in to boot from it.

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